July 17, 2016


Songino (onion)


Sister Olsen

Loving it baihgui yu

Sain baina uu? So this week.... everyone went to the hudu (countryside). We probably met with close to no one. We got burned everyday and on Saturday five times. We set up a full day, it looked beautiful, we confirmed we made full proof backups and than, blah. Every person and our backups dropped out on us. It was pretty ruff.... but instead of getting down or discouraged or what not.... who has time for that anyway...we decided (well I decided) that we'd learn some culture. I made sister Olsen wear her traditional clothing and we made traditional food it was beautiful...she probably thought I went nuts. But hey what can you do when no one answers there phones and isn't home and you can't proselyte...make huushuur duhh!
We were able to meet with our bishop finally; they are living in their summer gerr on the other side of the city. They have the cutest little family and have been so sweet to us. I love my area! Everyone is so kind, it feels like home.
Yesterday we gave talks for the long distance branch...the long distant branch is a Sunday phone call that connects people who are living scattered throughout the countryside. It’s pretty neat. There are usually 10-20 people.... but they get to have their own sacrament meeting. We sing together, they administer the sacrament, and we give talks. It was a pretty neat experience. It was at my old ward meetinghouse, and I got to see some of the members from baynzurkh. I miss them so much! Right after we finished that meeting I got a call from our ward clerk, who assigned us to talk again an hour later at our assigned ward...poor sister Olsen. But it was great! I love serving these people.
We also have two new investigators! People just walk into the church building and sit through sacrament. I don't know the ward very well still (they're all out of town like Gilbert in July) so I always introduce myself and ask if they at members and for how long...and the first two people that I talked to yesterday were interested in meeting with us!
I feel so blessed to be here! There is no way that I deserve this. It’s a blessing that I never imagined for myself! I wish that I understood better and could speak better and help more. I knew how to say what I wanted to say that I would feel more effective...but I guess I don't need to say it. It’s all been very humbling. My Mongolian sounds about the same as a third grader...but hey it works. I'm not necessarily here to learn the language...but I am here to love the people. I think that is the most important part of my mission. It's a journey of loving the people. Last Monday we met with a man and his family, most of his family (even his wife and kids) are members.... but he's never met with missionaries.... and he was being kind of a punk. We had a really great lesson. The spirit was strong, we were able to answer a lot of his questions...and we only focused on family and prayer. At the end of the lesson I asked if the would pray everyday as a family. And he was just like, no..... and because I don't know how to be more polite or soft...I just asked why.... I have to be very straightforward...which is just what he needed. It left him with no excuses. Haha it was great.
My companion has put into place "delicious day"...which means I need some recipes...I can only make cake.... tuslarai!
yamr ch resen, I love my life. Everything’s awesome!
Hairtai shuu and stuff!
xoxo, Sister Bollwinkel


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