June 26, 2016


Songino (onion)


Sister Olsen

It's Snowing!

Well it's not really snowing...but there are cottonwood trees and there is cotton all up in the air.... there’s even some in this Internet cafe! So it looks like it...I'm also WHITE it’s just like Christmas in July in the life of Sister Bollwinkel. I'm now senior companion...pray for us...I don't have the language capacity for'll be an adventure! My new area is the ghetto. Haha not even exaggerating.... it’s like I went from Park City/Deer Valley (my last area) to downtown Tempe (my new area) but it's great. The ward is going to be awesome. They announced like 3 or 4 times that we would need help learning the area. Go members and returned missionaries. My area is the biggest one in my second whitewash in another huge area, it'll be great! They’ve always had really great missionaries in this area... I hope that we can keep up their work.
My companion is so cute - Sister Olsen. She’s a little ray of sunshine. We’ll have a great transfer!
Well we work on a lot of English...but anyways. The head of the English dept, Elder awesome. He served as a Mission President in Colorado, anyways he has the best spiritual thoughts.... and he said this once: "start right, then you'll go right" that is what Sister Olsen and I will be doing this week. And hopeful everything will fall into place!
Got to go, hairtai shuu and stuff!
xoxox, Sister Bollwinkel
ps: the Benson’s leave this week :(


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