June 5, 2016


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Sister Jensen

Missions have there ups and the tower of terror

Missions have there ups and the tower of terror or others that I can't remember the name of right now.... this was my week:
So first of all...bad news: I have a wart. It’s disgusting I know...."don't look at me, I'm hideous"
I had my last day of English this semester! What?! Crazy right! I teach grades 6-12...half on Tuesday and the other half on Tuesday I taught the older kids (both age groups have their perks.... the older kids are a little more tame, more quiet, but also a little boring and very lazy...while the younger group is absolutely crazy, and noisy and I'm positive the all have ADD, but they love us more). So our day was a little awkward and little boring...most of them wanted to study for their exams so we let them...Sister Olsen and I played a lot of hang man....which the students loved...we had several classes that got so distracted by playing with us, they forgot to study for their other classes. We sat in on my craziest class of 6th graders during lunch because there was no teacher and last time one boy was on the floor with a bloody nose, another was dancing on a desk and the rest were going nuts.... love 'em. One of the boys in that class was real sweet, he got me an "American Cola" literally said American Cola on it. "Here teacher it's from America" but then he followed us home for a while.... he said he wanted to become a volunteer English teacher too.
We also had a zone conference this week...our last one with the Benson Family. I will miss them so much! They have done so many amazing things for our mission and for Mongolia! It’s crazy that they will be leaving so soon. I'm extremely grateful for them.
Sad thing: we met with these old ladies who have been meeting with the other sisters for about 5 months now...and they decided that they weren't interested was one of the hardest lessons I think that I have been in...Besides the lesson Sister Cleveland and I had is so sad when peoples hearts get so hard that they can't see any light and then won't let themselves. We did all that we could...they said they'd meet with us in September maybe...
I hit my half way....#whattheheck how? We celebrated our "hump" (because Mongolia has camels...but the camels here have two humps...sooooo maybe it makes less sense now) but celebrated by going to this cute Asian restaurant.
Everything is turning green here (finally) and everyone is so much friendlier. Our ward is really awesome; they have a lot of ward missionary goals and are working with us! The gospel is so awesome!
We made 'bacon pancakes" this week...only because I wanted to sing the bacon pancakes companion wasn't as entertained as I was...she didn't like them that much I guess.
No one has been able to understand me this that's been fun. Humility...I'm learning it over and over and over again. One day - I hope.
This church is Christ’s church. It contains all of His gospel and his authority on the earth. President Thomas S Monson is truly a prophet of God. We are all children of God and He loves us, perfectly. Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. Because of His Atonement we will all live again and we can all live with Him again if we choose. I know these things to be true!

Love you familia (ger bul mini)
haitai shuu!
Sister Bollwinkel
Quote of the week: my companion during our weekly planning prayer "We know everything probably won't go as planned...but we planned anyway" #storyofmylife


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