May 22, 2016


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Sister Jensen

You know you have a problem when you see other white people and wonder what the heck they are doing here.

I’ll start with a few cute stories:
1. In church yesterday this recently re-activated member took a picture of the Salt Lake Temple and wrote his little nephew's name on it and told him that he would go there someday.... it was this little boys first time at church, it was so cute.
2. Sister Harker and I went on a STL split this week. Sister Jensen and I get a lot of attention...but nothing compared to what Sister Harker & I got on Friday. I heard so many languages...people are really friendly here.... they love saying hi.... and they try every language until you respond.
3. Also on our split, we were waiting at a park for an investigator and while we were waiting this drunken man came up to us...he was so drunk you could smell it. He started talking to us in broken English and told us he wanted to speak German.... why German? So he proceeded to speak in a mixture of English, Mongolian, German, and Sign language...I had no idea what was going on...the only thing I understood was "don't be afraid" in the middle of this a man yells at us, so we look over and we see this guy in all orange half hanging out the window...they were friends apparently.... we got out of there real fast...haha, They just wanted to practice their English geeez.
4. We have such great members, we went and shared a scripture with a member last night and asked if she knew anyone that would be interested in hearing the gospel, she said yes. And immediately stood up and told us to follow her and she took us to their house! She is awesome!

So I need to be a missionary and follow up on y'all.... did you read D&C4? I love this section. Yesterday we spoke in Sacrament meeting and we talked about member missionary work. We're really all on missions.... whether full time or not. We all are here to help and serve people. We have home teachers and we do visiting teaching, we all have callings and family and friends. Everyone needs a missionary, someone to help him or her understand the principles of the gospel, someone to invite them to do more or to do better. We’re all missionaries. I'll be honest, full time missionary work is hard, but it is so much better when the ward and members do their part. That helps us so much! It also helps the sister missionaries eat less chocolate (that should be incentive enough)

Teaching English at the university is over next week...I’ll miss my little monsters! They’ve grown on me. I love'em. I maybe need to start teaching with earplugs in....that might make their noise level normal. A lot of my students are switching schools and a few are moving to America, so that's a bummer too.

It’s warming up here a bit, and things are turning green finally!
I love you all! Be safe and remember to be good missionaries! Hairtai shuu!
Sister Bollwinkel


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