May 15, 2016


Улаанбаатар Ulaanbaatar


Sister Jensen


This past week we had an English Symposium! What does that mean? Deseret International Charities put on a huge English conference/training and invited all of our sponsoring organizations and other government and English organizations in Ulaanbaatar. They had English professors and specialist come; they taught seminars and such.... it was great! Khandaa the woman from our school that goes after our visas was so impressed. She was looking through the Deseret International Charities pamphlets that they gave out, in which give details about what we do and the service we give, and she started crying. She said, what we do is amazing. "You don't get paid, in fact you pay to come here.... for no rewards to yourself and you help us. You are doing things for Mongolia that we can't do for ourselves. We can't do these things, I can't do these things. We need you. Look at how many people you help. Thank you". She was really touched by all the events and she asked us a lot of questions about what all we do and the rules we have. She helped us with our Mongolian and invited us to teacher parties "even if we don't drink" haha. It was a great experience. We were able to become really good friends. At the end she hugged me and told me that if there is anything that I ever need, to just find her. It was really sweet.

We were also able to learn and sing a few popular songs in Mongolian...that really impressed everyone there. They loved it. It is amazing what we are able to do through teaching English. It has really opened so many doors here and I think that it will continue to do so.

Also two new wards were formed in the Stake..., which means that we are one step closer to another Stake, which means one more step closer to a Temple! God's work is rolling along here, it's fantastic!
Oh also we saw some kids zorbing in the park, that made me miss home.... but it is probably too hot for that there anyway...I’m still worried I might freeze if I go outside without a jacket...sooooo...big gulps ehh?

I have a challenge for everyone...yeeeee lucky you. Read D&C 4. And then think about what Heavenly Father is asking you to do. Ok ready. Set. Go...sorry the teacher comes out of me sometimes! Hairtai shuu!
Sister Bollwinkel


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