April 10, 2016


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Sister Jensen

"I ain’t no abacus count on me but you can"

Explanation of the title of this week’s letter: shirts here don't ever make sense. Sister Kofoed got a really cute one...but one of our students started reading it and was like..."hmmmmm I don't get it..." and we realized neither did we. Oh well...
This week was good, we were able to meet with a lot more people and got lost a lot less. We actually were a little lost, so I asked a man walking by to help us...and he was so awesome! He started calling all of his friends and walked us up the street and then got a taxi for us and then walked us all the way to the apartment building that we were looking for. And then he left.... we were so bummed we had been hoping that he would come to the appointment with us. Next time!
Anyways this week was awesome; we met with lots of people and were able to meet with some new investigators!! It was great!
We moved again!
And we were able to watch conference!!!! I love conference! I really loved well...all of them. I really like president Monson had to say.
"Remember who you are and who God expects you to become" we are literally children of God. How amazing is that. I hope that we live each day, remembering where we cam from and to where we will return. I hope that each choice we make will bring us closer to Him. He loves us, each of us. He is aware of our circumstances and he is waiting to assist us, whenever we ask. That is so amazing to me.
Anyways, I love you all. Read your scriptures, pray and study conference.
hairtai shvv!
xoxo, Sister Bollwinkel


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