April 3, 2016


Улаанбаатар Ulaanbaatar


Sister Bolorerdene

Do we loose sight of the miracles?

This week was real great...not too much happened..."I saw a dog today" (but I guess that's not new) oh and this old lady fed me a literary a whole fish.... it had eyes and whiskers and all.
We got burned (burned=flakey people cancel on you but don't tell you, leaving you at random bus stops in the snow) but while we were at said bus stops we made a lot of friends. One lady invited us to her ger, another man offered us some of his cola, a church member came and talked to us and then another guy was real impressed with our little Mongolian skills.

Well I’m sure conference was great, we have the opportunity to watch it next week.... time for translation and such, but I’m so excited. That is something so amazing.... we are able to receive God's words from a living prophet! I wonder if sometimes we loose sight of how incredible that is. Our Heavenly Father loves us so much and He is giving us counsel and guidance through a living prophet today! Something that President Benson told us that really struck me was, "I wonder how often we become casual with our relationship with God?" Then I thought about it and its gets busy, we get tired, we have so many things competing for our attention.... but our relationship with our Father in Heaven is something that we shouldn't compromise...through sincere prayer and scripture study we can grow closer to our Father and by so doing to our Savior as well. We have been given everything we need to succeed.... now it is our choice if we will.

Did they share this clip at conference?
The little girls in one of the ger clips was my investigators when I first came to Mongolia. The church leaders came in November to Mongolia. I love Mongolia!!!

Anyways I love you all!!!!
Sister Bollwinkel


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