March 20, 2016


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Sister Bolorerdene

Frying Pan

Sooo this week was weird and a little crazy. We didn't meet with a lot of people and my companion never came back and everyone burned us haha. We had some extra time, partly because I’m not a good planner and partly because everyone decided to be busy this my companion did some street contacting. That was so cool, I can't do that, I’m not allowed...I can't tell people I’m a I thought it was so fun to watch her. Then that same night we were lost trying to find this lady's house (there are no real addressees here, mind you) and this man came up and started talking to me in English. That is nothing new...people like to practice.....but then he asked if I was a missionary...and I was like yes (in my head: what the heck did I say?) and then he asked if we could we prayed and then he walked away. My companion and I were like what they heck...that never we chased him down to get his info because we forgot. Turns out that he was a member....haha
We had a BAPTISM this week! Namuunaa was baptized! It was awesome! She was so cute! and so happy and excited, she was golden. Nothing really went according to plan for the baptism. The bishop left town and didn't say. The guy she wanted to baptize her didn't understand anything I said when I asked he didn't show, and the girl giving a talk fell asleep and never came or called.....soooooo yeah #mess but everything worked out of course and it was a lovely baptism!
Sister Kofoed and I do our personal studies after English on Tuesday and Thursday soooo this last Thursday we were finishing those up when we heard someone at the door. They didn't knock or say anything but they were trying to get in. We freaked out!!!! We hid and then this guy started using a I do the only logical thing, I grabbed the frying pan off the stove and go hold the lock. Well long story short it was the mission maintenance man Batbold.....he was laughing so hard at us. He told me to grab the fire extinguisher instead of the pan next time.....I was shaking so badly!!!

Sidenote: my eyelash curler broke and ripped out my eyelashes and then after that my curling iron sorta caught fire, sparked a few times, started smoking and then died.
Ohhhh and transfers came! Wish me luck!!
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