March 13, 2016


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Sister Bolorerdene

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Hey hey hey! This week was Mongolian National Women’s Day #gowomen So we had school off and were able to meet with people! It was so good! This week I’ve been kind of sick, so my companion and I were at home and then my companion got a call from president and had to go to the countryside (like the farthest part of our mission...she took a plane).....he gave her like 10 minutes to pack and then we had to go with her to the airport. I spent a lot of time at the airport that day. It was weird, we didn't do any missionary work besides our studies. So I have been with a different Mongolian named Sister Bolorerdene, she is so stinkin cute. She is a really good missionary and so sweet! I feel bad, everyone burned us yesterday. we walked up and down hills for like three hours. we didn't meet with anyone and we hadn't gotten lunch and it was a lot colder than usual. #ishouldnotbeincharge we went home and I wasn't feeling real she made me lay down. I wasn't tired but I guess I was because I was out. and while I was sleeping she cleaned our entire apt. Haha she is so funny! I love Mongolians!!! We'll be on a split until like Wednesday and then my companion will come back and then transfers come's been a kind of crazy week and next week probably too.
I’ll be honest at first I didn't really like my English students, they are crazy and loud and they do not listen....but I have come to love them. They are really funny now. My last class is all boys and they are always changing when we come into class...they have pe or something after our hour...anyways we walked in the classroom on Thursday and none of them had shirts on (nothing out of the ordinary) but this time they all screamed like girls and like fell to the floor and was so funny! They are probably my favorite class!! Anyways I’m learning to love my little monsters!
haha nothing else really from this side of the world....we have a baptism on Friday (Namuunaa..I gave her an English name, Bailey)
sister bollwinkel


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