February 28, 2016


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Mongolian "Sister Bollwinkel, we ball so hard"

My companion told me that after we got fed at every house that day and we visited a lot of houses that day. For the record I did not teach her that, but after she said it, I almost peeed my pants. Imagine a Mongolian learning English (mostly gospel words) and she just says that really casually. Haha her English is getting really good and she says really funny things all the time.
This week at English we went on strike...well not really...we can't do that (the white handbook) but we didn't teach them really anything. The school is supposed to provide us with a laptop and projector for our lessons and they didn't give it to us until our last class... and then it didn't work. All of my students are little gamers and they all tried to figure it out but they couldn't. So we played games with them. I'm starting to understand more and more and sometimes its so funny what people say when they think you don't understand. Like: I heard "look, yellow hair" maybe 10X and then my students said "miss caitee is kind of funny sometimes" ha-ha
Ok funny story time. So this week after English we were a trio and it was a really special occasion to all be together so we decided to treat ourselves toooo BURGER KING (yes, we got one and burger king is a treat here) anyways I got my burger and fries and a sprite and we were sitting there enjoying it...and this really dirty man comes up to us and starts mumbling really random things, so we tell him no and ignore him so he'll go way. But he doesn't. Instead he tries to take my burger.... I just sat there and watched I was so supersized, Sister Peterson slapped his hand and he let go.... but then he tried to take my fries. A worker boy escorted him out but he came again and just looked at us. There was a lot of other whitish people there.... why me.... sister kofoed said I probably looked the weakest, and it's true I just sat there. Ha-ha anyways I picked the bun off and then covered it in barbeque sauce.... it was fine.
This week was so good, all of our lessons and everything! I mean besides all the random people grabbling me and trying to talk to me haha.... but seriously this week there was a lot more than usual.
welp have a great week all!
sister bollwinkel


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