February 14, 2016


Улаанбаатар Ulaanbaatar



Tsagaan Sar Festival

Homes visited: 11
Buudz Eaten: 50 but probably more
Sick days: to be determined
Status: Survived?

We welcomed the sun on the new day. We hiked up to Zaisan in the freezing cold and waited for the sun to come over the mountain. There was a lot of people there, praying and chanting and drinking and throwing milk into the air ha-ha crazy stuff. Then my companion got to call her family and we did studies.
It took us two hours in traffic to arrive at our first appointment. Side note: our taxi driver decided to take a "short cut" and we got stuck in the snow and us and two other women had to push it out. But the short cut wasn't so short.... it included trying to go up this steep hill.... so we stood and watched our taxi and other people trying to make it funny. But it was free #tsagaansarmiracle
We visited two families on the first day and five on the second and our new members on the third. The amount of buuz we were able to eat increases from 2 to about 10.... soooo that wasn't good. #thecurseofthebuuz we didn't have very many compared to the other elder ate like 130.....crazy.

Traditions: you walk into the gerr and go to each person, the younger person puts their arms under the older and then you sniff/kiss their cheeks and say "amaar bain oo? Are you having a beautiful new?" ha-ha and then they hand you this little vile thing that has some sort of powder that you don't sniff (because of the word of wisdom ok) ha-ha but you put it up to your nose and hand it back. And then if they offer you whiskey you take the glass and dip your finger in it and flick it into the air. Then you can take a candy from the cookie tower (after touching the bottom of course) and then you stuff your face with buzz (Mongolian dumplings) and salad (salad means potato salad or any other vegetable that is pickled or covered in mayonnaise). And at the end they give you a present for coming and visiting and eating their food. A pretty good holiday!!! We got socks and chocolate, belts, a clock, leggings and cookies haha

soooooo that was pretty much my week ha-ha! There were a lot of drunk old men. They all loved my hair and me trying to speak to them. One of our old investigators (cukhbaat...the one who's parents won't let him get baptized) invited us over for tsagaan sar. It was so good. The parents talked with us and we're so sweet. They asked about missions and sang with the dad and us...probably a little drunk read some poetry. Another drunk old man told me about the people he met around the world and called me his daughter. He told me to tall you I have a Mongolian grandpa now.
A really great week! I love you all! Hope you have a great week. It is warming up I imagine it's beautiful over there on that side of the world!
Sister Bollwinkel the Mongol



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