January 31, 2016


Улаанбаатар Ulaanbaatar



Looks like I'll stay in Buyanzurk

Transfers came out and I stayed in my area with my companion! I’m so happy I get to stay with my new members and investigators!!!
We had a baptism this week, Nandan-Erdene. She is the one that lives in the really run down ghetto ger. Last week her grandpa (they live together, the rest of her family kind of roams) fainted or something and fell onto their hot stove. He had really bad burns on his face and on his chest, like 2-3 degree. But he was still able to baptize her...she was so happy!
So not much has changed. It's getting warmer...but warmer is a relative term haha! My health is mas o menos...but overall I guess I’m doing fine. I started teaching English again...oh those children. My companion gauges how bad they are by how much chocolate I eat that day. This week I had a lot of chocolate! We also we're supervised by the Dean of English of our school.... she ripped us to shreds. I am not a very good teacher.... soooo I will work on that.
Next week is Tsagan Sar!! The Festival of the Lunar New Year. There is no work or school or anything...just food and families! We’ll hopefully be able to meet with a lot of families!!! There are also a lot of really cool traditions! I’m so excited!
So I wanted to share a little thought from conference; the story about the sharks, waves and surfers in Australia. Talking about how the commandments sometimes look like a barrier or seem restrictive. But just like the old man said in the story "Don't be too critical of the barrier. It is the only thing that is keeping you from being devoured." We can't always see the sharks in our lives. Sometimes we just see the beautiful waves. But just like the barrier, the commandments are to protect us and to bless us. We are children of a loving Heavenly Father that has a perfect knowledge and understanding. He gives us commandment to protect us from danger, from sin and from heartache. When we look at the barriers with that perspective, our attitudes can change and we can follow the commandments with love. We are sharing this thought with Herthen and Tsolmon tonight. We talked with them about Nephi and shared 1 Nephi 3:7 last time. Tsolmon was so excited. She has really turned her life around. It is amazing. She started to come back to church, to pray, to read the scriptures, and follow the commandments. She even asked the Bishop for a calling. She is working to put everything together again. She was really interested in "the way that the Lord will prepare,” the Lord always prepares a way. We need to have faith in Him and His timing and His commandments.

Love you all! Хайр та бүх
Love, Sister Bollwinkel


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