January 10, 2016


Улаанбаатар Ulaanbaatar



I'm not going through puberty people - I'm 21!

Like three members this week told me I was going through puberty, because all of my zits...I’m 21 years old people!
Its been wicked cold.... one day we walked backward (yes quite the challenge on snow/ice) because the wind was so strong/cold.... we probably looked way funny! Today I am wearing 4 leggings and I am still cold.... I sing that frozen song in my head sometimes about summer...except I can't remember any of the words except for summer.
This week I felt like a real Mongol. I ate lamb off the bone until there was only bone left.... they didn't let me stop until I ate everything...and then they had me eat the marrow (shout out to grandma!) I had meat and fat all over my face.
This week we started teaching this little girl, she is nine years old and she lives with her grandpa (he is a member, he just started coming back to church. He only has one eye and his hand was amputated) They live in the worst conditions that I have seen thus far. They have a really small ger that has dirt packed around it, probably to help insulate it they don't have a fence or yard or electricity or water. Because they don't have electricity there home is freezing and there is no light. Really humbling to see. Her name is Nanden-erden she is awesome. She loves learning and she said that she has seen us pass by their house, just waiting for us to come teach her. My name is really hard for Mongolians but she memorized it after our first lesson.... it was so cute. We had a sort of flashlight/ candlelight lesson last night. It was so good. And then when we finished she asked if we could sing silent night.... the tears started flooding. She is so cute.
We met with Herthen and Tsolmon this week! I haven't seen them for a few weeks! But we had a really good lesson and they seem to be doing really good. Sister Cleveland had sent them a letter and we tried calling but they didn't answer. And then before one of our appointments I felt like we should text them.... and they called us!!! Yaaaaaas! And they both came to church this Sunday! Which hasn't happened this whole transfer.
We also taught a whole family this week...I’ve never done that. Most of our investigators have been individuals or little humans.... but this was a big family, we've only had one lesson but it was really cool. Our message blesses families so much and I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to share that!
I had my first sorta breakdown this Mongolian is still pretty bad it seems like and my pronunciation needs work...but this scripture has really helped me. "I know that I am nothing, as to my own strength I am week. Therefore I will not boast of my own strength, but I will boast of my God. For I know that in His strength I can do all things"
Its not about me or what I can or can't do...its all about Him. That scripture helped me alot. I need to forget about myself. He will help me and work through me in His time and in His way.
Love you all! Stay warm for me!
Sister Bollwinkel


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