January 17, 2016


Улаанбаатар Ulaanbaatar



Errrmeegersh its so fetching cold...and "apparently" colder

So I wore my onion goggles this week in our windy area. I looked like a dweeb but they kind of helped. But we still walked backwards to a few of our appointments.
So good news: I ate goat head this week! Like every part of it too. It was really good! The member was really excited to feed me it so she just kept cutting off pieces and pointing saying "eat, eat" and then she make goat noises (she is actually really good at it) She made me eat the pallet, and tongue and cheek, and eye, and brain and other indistinguishable pieces of meat.... the brain was really hard...but she said that it was a smart one, so I would become smart too.

The language is still a struggle but I am pressing forward...trying just like 2 Nephi 31:20 says.
WE HAVE A BAPTISM! On Saturday our three eight year olds are getting baptized! They had their interviews on Sunday, and they are all so excited!
My grandpas came to church for the first time yesterday, they were so cute and happy. The one came in traditional clothes and kept asking if he could have the different church books...after church he pulled out like 4 books he had stuffed around his stomach, we were all laughing so hard!
Tsolmon came yesterday also, we gave her a skirt to wear for the baptism and she put it on over her pants and wore it like that all day. She stayed for all three hours! It was the first time in a long time; she was talking to people and everything! Ahhhhh
They’re taking us to kfc for my birthday! Pretty sure it’s not chicken. They’re so excited! I love them soooo much!!!!
All is well here.... cold as ever...but good! Love you all!
Stay safe! And do some missionary work!

Sister Bollwinkel


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