December 27, 2015


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Christmas Yo!

Merry Christmas! It was so good to Skype you fam! I am glad that you are all doing well. And also that Zane is moving up in life #fk #heyyo haha. My companion and I were laughing so hard about that! Christmas was so cool! We had the opportunity to go to an orphanage and to sing songs to and with kid sang Justin Bieber for us! That was sweet. And we gave them toothpaste and soups and candies and they were so excited. Then we got to talk to them! They were all so cute! I showed them some of my pictures and they thought they were so cool. The little girl I gave a present to was handicapped and the cutest thing ever; her eyes were this beautiful green color, she just held my hand the whole time and kept asking to take pictures. They all melted my heart! It was an amazing Christmas. We then had a devotional with all the missionaries! The Benson’s are awesome! They are so sweet and everything they shared was so good!!! There was one film that they showed that I really liked, it was about a shoemaker. The shoemaker had a dream where the Savior spoke to him and told him that the next day he would appear in the street. So the shoemaker looked out all day, but he couldn’t see Him. But there was a woman out in the cold street with a baby that was without a jacket, so he had them come in and he gave her a jacket. And then a boy who stole an apple that he later helped and paid for his wrong, and a man that he invited in and fed and gave some money to. At the end of the day he was disappointed that his Savior hadn't come. Then he heard a voice that said; "did you not recognize me?" Those people he had helped during the day were representing Him. I was naked and ye clothed me.... you know the scripture. I thought it was so cool for this season. I challenge all of you to look for those you can serve, because when ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are in the service of your God. Look for Christ.
We had real unforgettable experiences this week! We went to my 'two grandpas’ that live by the green house in the boonies and taught them. They are doing well! Oh and MY NOSE FROZE on the way there.... it turned white and my companion had to rub a handful of snow to warm it up pre-frostbite ha-ha (if that tells you how cold it is.... snow is warm)
After my grandpa's we met the mission doctor and his wife and Pujee and went out to the farthest part of our area (like 40ish minutes) and visited a less active. We showed them the Christmas film and then asked them to share their testimony about Christ...we did this at 2 different houses and they both said that the gospel and Christ have changed them and that they love Him. And that He sent us to them. Both houses had some very serious struggles and they said that it was a blessing that we had come. They needed Priesthood blessings. It was so amazing! They are full of strength and humility! It was such an amazing experience.

Anyway Merry Christmas all!
I love you so much!

Sister Bollwinkel


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