December 13, 2015


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Sister Cleveland

So long Sister Cleveland! Love you.

This week was so good! We were able to meet with Herthen and Tsolmon! We went over with a Christmas movie and a peace offering (cookies) and surprised them!! It was a little scary as we knocked on the door, but they received us and were really excited that we came!! They had the picture of the Gilbert temple up on the wall and I was able to tell them a little bit about that and then we watched the Joy to the World movie and talked about Christ! They told us sorry for not meeting for a while and then told us they want to meet soon! They want to take us for dinner, so we're meeting them tonight!!! I love them! I’m so excited that they still want to meet with us!
We were also able to meet with this cute little grandma, who...well she's golden! We went in, explained a little about prayer and then asked her to pray and she offered a really beautiful prayer! And then we went through our lesson and she was just eating it up..all of it. So we invited her to pray to know that this is the true church...and she said no. I was so confused because it was all going so well and the Spirit was really strong. She said that she already knew and that she didn't need to ask. She already knew! So we were like well you can still pray.... and the rest of the lesson was great...she fed us a lot of meat and then walked us to the bus stop and then waited across the street until we got on!
The weather has been a lot better...not as freezing ha-ha! Well except for last night it was so cold and we were out in the farthest part of our area. The snow was pretty high, so we were trudging along in the dark trying not to slide and fall (not again!) I had to pee so bad ha-ha! But it was so cold, and I was afraid to us the noith(out house) and I didn't want to go on the side of the road.... because it was so cold! So I had to hold it for like an hour, while we talked to the taxi driver and his "sober" drunk friend. His friend was really nice. He was impressed with my little Mongolian and said that I need to keep studying. They want to take us to see the that was really nice of them! "Apparently" a lot of our taxi drivers want to.... they are sad that we haven't gone to see it!
Well all in all a really good week! I got the conference ensign this week; everyone needs to read it, ok? It has so many great talks and they are all for us. The words of the living prophet and apostles are so important. They are specifically for us. I know that to be true! I love you, and you are in my prayers always!

Stay Warm,
Sister Bollwinkel


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