November 29, 2015


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Sister Cleveland

I'm Thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving! We celebrated at the school teaching English haha. We ate the free potato salad and fried bread.... so I’d say it was pretty successful haha. Sister Cleveland and I made Indian and pilgrim hats, and wore them around haha, our students were so confused.
We were able to meet with a lot of people this week, it was awesome! We met with a lot of new people and were able to have some really powerful conversations with them!
We got permission to continue meeting (once a week) with our cute Sygbaat and his whole family! His sisters are new members and his parents haven't been too interested until now. I’m so excited!!
The two cute old men we started meeting with last week were so drunk when we met with them. They told us a little about Joseph Smith, which was actually impressive that they could remember anything at that state. They told me (in I just sat there smiling) "right now you are very stupid. But don't worry, one day you will be smart my daughter" haha that was really sweet. We made them pinky promise not to drink the next time we meet with them.
We have the cutest little 8 year-old girl Herthen, that we have been meeting with. Her mom is a member, she is a little less active so it's been really good to meet with both of them. She is so excited to be baptized and she's been doing really well. But her mom hasn't been coming to church or keeping all of her commitments. Herthen is supposed to be baptized really soon, but we are worried about the support/lack of from home. So we tried talking to her mom, Tsathman about it and it went really bad. We were all crying, I didn't understand anything and then we had to leave. It’s all that I thought about on poor Sister Training Leader that's all I talked about on our split.
But good news, Herthen still came to church yesterday.... it was such a miracle! We didn't know where we were with them or what to do, but she still wants to meet! And so many of our investigators came to church! It was awesome! And a lot of new people came and we will be meeting with them this week too! It’s so cool to see blessings like this! Our sacrament meeting was the biggest I had ever seen - it was amazing! We had decided to fast and we saw such miracles from it! There is a real power in prayer and fasting!
It hasn't been as cold this week, which is also a blessing haha...I’ve been able to stay warm for the most part. Well as long as the bus actually comes and our investigators don't leave us waiting outside forever haha...punks
I love it here! I love seeing people hear the gospel and then have everything click. The Lord is preparing so many people! I love it!
Welp...see ya later,
Sister Bollwinkel


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