November 22, 2015


Улаанбаатар Ulaanbaatar


Sister Cleveland

I do NOT want to build a Snowman!

Oh my gosh! It’s so COLD here! Haha. I was not prepared for this!
So we stay pretty busy here! It is such a blessing that we get so many referrals and a lot of people come to us! It’s so amazing! We got this referral for a man named Purijaav and he's like pretty old. So we went to go meet him on Saturday. The directions to his house were pretty sketch (take this bus to this stop and then walk a little ways and when you see the green house go left and its their Ger (hogan house) behind the building) ya so we get off the bus and start walking and it was so far and it was so face started freezing! We walked past this man who recognized us and told us to look for the man on the hill (I think) and so we kept walking and walking and there was a man standing on the hill waiting for us. He was very concerned that I was not prepared for the cold. He told me my nose was going to freeze off. Ok, so we follow this old man through the snow to this pretty rough looking ger. We go inside and meet with him and his friend Purijav. They are both pretty old and a little crazy. They had a lot of questions and were both pretty excited to learn. I understood maybe 1% of any of the conversation and my companion was having a hard time too. Luckily we brought one of our new members that was able to help a lot! She's really sweet! Well these two men were pretty cool, I’m looking forward to meeting with them again. We gave them a Book of Mormon and some homework and they were very excited. They told us that we needed to go work on our Mongolian because they couldn't understand us haha. We then left to the farthest part of our area, Purijaav walked us to the side of the road. He had one of his legs amputated but he gets around better than we do in the snow!
On our way home from this appointments that day I was pretty sure I was going to die! It was so cold that my face and hair and eyelashes started to freeze. (see picture w/ice on my lashes) I wanted to cry but it was too cold took us like 40 minutes to defrost.
I got my luggage! Only one month late. It was a miracle! So we were on our way to the airport with our native Mongolian speaker, Jigore, he's way cool, but we got in an accident on the way, so he told us to get a taxi and to go to the airport....ok – scary. So we get to the airport and its super sketch. I thought for sure I was going to get kicked out of the country right.... We waited around while my companion talked to them, they took us back behind security and these guys see us and we tell them what happened and they are like ya, we have that easy! And they actually did! I have my bags!!!
Teaching English has been really fun! I have spent so much time with little humans haha!
This week we are meeting with a lot of new investigators, I am really excited. They all seem really sweet.
There are a few of our current investigators that have been so nice, they try to help me with my Mongolian and use their English. They are the sweetest people! I love them so much! I can't wait to start talking to them more!!!
Well anyways, I got to go back out to the cold. I feel as cold as I imagine Rose and Jack did while in the Atlantic Ocean after the Titanic sunk. haha!
Oh I wanted to share a scripture. Mosiah chapter 24. The Lord knows exactly what we need! He knows how we need to grow and He knows how to get us there. Sometimes we have trials and struggles, but He knows those perfectly also. He will strengthen us, even to the point that "we will not feel the burdens placed upon us". He is always aware of us and we need to trust in Him in everything and rely on Him with heart.
I love you all!
xoxoox, Sister Bollwinkel


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