November 15, 2015


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Sister Cleveland

Let's talk Cakes

san ban ohta! hihihi! сайн байна уу! I do not know how to type Mongolized English.... so hi!
This week was way good! So let's start off with talking about apparently people don't make cakes here, but they do love them.
We made a cake for Narguii and her family on Monday. They are a super awesome family and really great members. They are so good to me! At FHE Narguii shared a really great scripture with us that I’d like to share, it's D&C 88:58 and it talks about everyone receiving light at the right time. She has gone through a lot of really hard things and is still going through them. She told us about how Christ is our friend and that He walks with us and because He loves us, we are never alone. He gives us light, love and knowledge when He knows we need it and are ready for it. All we need is to trust in the Lord and His timing and look for the light that He imparts to direct us. I thought it was so cool.....I hope that is the right reference. I might have switched it. (My scriptures are in my lost luggage!)
It was Chinggas Hans birthday this week! heyyo! No one was out, they were probably all sleeping/drinking. Speaking of drunks: this drunken guy came up to us and started talking to us....(Mongolian is hard to understand, but a drunk Mongolian...there's no way). He was nice, he said sorry for being drunk and then patted me on the head and said something about my hair and walked off. Then right after that appointment we were crossing the street (they don't stop for white people) and this guy walks in front of me, stops, shoves me and then yells something...I’m very lucky I don't understand anything, I think. Eventful being blonde here.
We have the cutest investigators! I love them! We met with this girl Suthonga for the first time and it was probably one of the most spiritual moments that I’ve had here. It was so beautiful. The spirit was so strong! She was so sweet and was bawling as we told her a little bit about the plan of salvation and how because of Jesus Christ we can be forgiven. She prayed and then I cried! It was so cool!! She came to church yesterday! She is awesome, but she's not in our area so we gave her to the other sisters.
So our ghetto oven in our ghetto Russian project apartment doesn't work. We promised we would make cakes for a few people . . . so we had to call a senior couple and use their fancy oven in their fancy apartment. They were so sweet and made us lunch while we were there.
We made two cakes yesterday also and our oven still didn't we baked them during our meetings yesterday. Ox in the mire.
We taught English at our school last week! The kids are crazy! We teach a bunch of different classes and they are so funny! I told them I liked Eminem and like Katy Perry or something and they thought it was so funny! It should be a fun adventure!
So I’ll end with another funny story:
So there was a lot of traffic and roadwork on our way to an appointment, right. Our bus wasn’t moving, so we decided to hop off the bus and grab a taxi....we everyone/anyone here is a taxi. You just stick out your had and someone looking for some extra ‘mung’ = $, stops and you get in. If you speak to them in Mongolian they don't rip you off as much. So we had to go close to 40 minutes to this appointment, pretty far. When we get there, this guy who gave us the ride, had already told my comp Sister Cleveland to marry his son. Once we get there he comes in to the lesson/birthday party with us! ha-ha. It was awkward and then he took us all the way home. "Apparently" it was really uncomfortable because this old grandpa man had some weird things to say. #blessedthatIcan'tunderstand!

Haha. whelp! I love you all! Continue to pray for the Moguls, they're amazing!
xoxoxox. Sister Bollwinkel

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