November 9, 2015


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Sister Cleveland

I've Arrived!

Сайн Байна уу - Hello? How's the America for everyone???
So not that I don't care to know more because I love hearing how everyone is doing....but let me tell you about how the last couple of days have been.
So when we arrived I swear we landed on the reservation! It looked and smelt like Jo coal! And the drive into the city was the equivalent to the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland...without the snakes though. The ground rules for driving here are, there are no ground rules, so basically "don't hit anyone, don't get hit and don't get caught."
We ride a lot of buses in my area so it’s been really neat to see a lot of the city and the outside of town.
It's COLD....but not as bad as I thought...except that I am wearing like two pairs of thermals all the still cold I guess.
I don't understand anything. Everyone is really nice and says that my Mongolian is good but I think they are just being nice. We taught 3 lessons my first day and I went into my first ger (Hogan tent house), we walked in and took off my shoes and put them on the floor right next to the three goat heads. The sister said she didn't have time to prepare them then, but that next time she would make me a goat head (yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas).
I love these people! They are so kind and inviting! They try to help me and a lot of the members speak a little English - so they've helped me out!
The little girls love Sister Cleveland’s and my hair (we're just two blondes taking Mongolia) there is one of our investigators that came up to me (she's 8) and put a little crown on my head and called me ‘Gong Rapunzel’.
Church was ruff, I really didn't understand like anything. My trainer is super patient and kind. She takes time to translate when I am super lost and makes people ask me questions and all that good stuff. I feel so bad because I really can't have conversations or engage with members how I want. They try to talk to me and I am so so lost. I know it’s only a matter of time, but it's a struggle right now.
President Benson and his family are so so awesome! I love them.
The pollution here is so bad. Look up SLC pollution stats and then look up Mongolia and you'll understand. I feel like I smell and like everyone smells like campfire. Which isn't all that bad, its just weird once I notice it. Our apartment is so ghetto! I love it! I’m a little big for my feet hang off sometimes, I’m only 5.5 on a good day. And our apartment smells like smoke...only sometimes so I think it’s our neighbors. Sister Cleveland doesn't even notice I will probably get used to it!
Anyways....all’s good here! We're going to go try some new food and go see a statue of Chin-Gas Han today and then go have FHE with this really awesome family.
I love you so much! Thank you for all the love and support! Keep up the prayers - they are felt! I love this gospel and I feel so blessed to be able to share it! Pray for the Mongols, they are so awesome and they need the light the gospel brings. It can change lives and it can change hearts, it's changing mine and I am so grateful for it. For the love and atonement of our Savior. He loves each of us and He wants us to come unto Him.
Anyways....hairtae shoe (I love you!)
Sister Bollwinkel


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