November 3, 2015


Provo MTC


Kerby (Ectch) Sister

So long MTC food - hello yak & goat head!

This is what I received from Sister Bollwinkel yesterday morning (Monday):

"So only 4 of the visas came...mine wasn't one of them. They said that the others should be coming soon. So we're just hanging out at the MTC until we get them... which is good that means soon.... but also not good because as Sister Kerby said "that means more MTC food." Which is better than yak.

Right after we ran into Mitch Whiting and he was talking to Sister Kofoed and Sister Nelson (theirs didn't come either) he shared a really cool spiritual message. It’s what I mentioned before, the Lord works in His own time and in His own way. Some of the other sisters were worried about not ever going to Mongolia and serving their mission elsewhere...and he was able to comfort them and it was just super awesome. The Lord does work in strange ways to us, sometimes but it will all work out!
If I get my visa I’ll let you know. It’s all good! I’m doing good!
Sure love ya!

This is what I received from Sister Bollwinkel around 10pm last night!
"Doctor is already there. I’ll get my prescription tomorrow! Before I fly out!
I GOT MY VISA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I leave normal time tomorrow, same as before. Everything came through at like 5pm I guess!
xoxo, Sister Bolls"

So I guess she left the building today and flew out! She will arrive in Mongolia Thursday afternoon her time.

It will be some adventure. She is so excited to meet her President and his family, but mostly the Mongolian people.

Thank you all for your prayers as she went through her medical procedures this last Friday and your faith that all would be well. Her miracles and tender mercies are evident.


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