October 23, 2015


Provo MTC


Kerby (Ectch) Sister

ELC Graduates! #finalcountdown!

Its official! We’re done with the ELC! #certified
Flight plans for next Tuesday.
We got these really cute little certificates and everything! I am so excited to meet President Benson, he sounds so awesome!!!! They’ve arranged us to have teaching companions in addition to our normal companions in the field. So our teaching companions are assigned to the same sponsor school. This way we get more opportunities to go to the countryside and around Ulaanbaatar! And even better Sister Kofoed and I are assigned to the same school so we will be able to see each other alot! I am so excited!!!
Sooooo we’re like total Mongolian now….no English…so that’s been fun! We just have to think of weird ways to say everything we’re thinking of.
Mom, the caramel apple suckers have been a hit in my district! One of the elders comes over and sticks his hands out and waits for me to give him one, and one of the sisters chipped her tooth on one! Crazy stuff here in district 14a. Sounds like the hunger games right? The guy that announces lights out sounds like hunger games too, all he needs is that epic music in the background and he’d be golden.
The sleeping bag was a good investment! I’ve been using it since week 2…forgot to mention that….I even slept on the floor one night…well until I had a dream that one of the sisters jumped from the top bunk and broke my leg. Now I sleep in my bed.
We ate lunch in the Temple today with our teacher Sister Largin. She is the coolest! She is crazy! Like way hard core and she’s due next week! She is such an amazing person and has such a strong testimony! I’ve learned so much from her!
Sooooo good news: “apparently” winter started early in Mongolia. It’s supposed to be a pretty brutal winter…..yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas. We talked to a real Mongolian! It was so cool (ok so this guy is a Stake clerk in the bishopric and is a seminary teacher…oh and he’s 24) he said our accents were really good….but he laughed at me every time I talked….soooooo we’ll see!
We should get our flight plans tonight……I’ve been threatening my district leader all week because I’ve been waiting for them everyday….so I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t give me mine. Our elders are a bunch of punks. They’re all so awesome, we’ve become this weird, mean, little family.
The MTC has been so awesome, there are angels here. Its really so amazing the spirit we feel here all the time. And the answers that come so freely. I started a new Book of Mormon challenge this week and I’m going through it according to the attributes of Christ and it has been crazy how much I’ve been able to learn. I’ve been kind of nervous for this next part of my mission (the MTC was one thing and Mongolia is a whole other) but I know the Lord has a plan and that He will allow everything to work out for the best. The Lord qualifies whom He calls, I know that to be true. He has helped so much already and I know that He will provide a way for me, just as he did for Nephi! I love you all! I love this gospel, it’s amazing and true! Draw near to Him and He’ll draw near to you!
xoxooxo with all my heart,
sister bollwinkel


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