October 16, 2015


Provo MTC


Kerby (Ectch) Sister


сайн байн уу, нүүгэл нүүд?

This week was way good! We got to Skype for TRC! It was so scary, we thought that we were going to get a Mongol investigator and that we wouldn't be able to understand him and we were so worried! But it turned out really good! It was a super cool experience! We get to do it again this next Wednesday!
Sister Kerby and I taught our first English lesson at the ELC! It was so much fun! I think that it is so incredible that we will be doing that in Mongolia. We were able to watch ourselves after...I’m so awkward.
okkkk. Our teacher calls us awkward all the time. In the hall. In class. In our lesson, yesterday we weren't even doing anything and he pointed to us and called us awkward....sooo technically our investigator thinks that also.
Thanks for all the food and goodies! In our room we have this big box just full of all the food we have and all that we buy.... it’s like soooo full we can't fit all the food we have in it (thank you too all that have contributed) we call it our нүүгэл box, which means box of sin. Every time one of us takes something out of it we point at them and yell "нүүгэл нүүд" we partake of a lot of sin *sorry missionary humor.... its a thing
Fact: Mongolian sheep have two butts, because of the cold or something.... they wouldn't tell us if missionaries get them too.
We've been studying about how important it is to follow the spirit in our lessons this week and it has been really cool! We’ve had to adjust alot of our lesson plans, with skype and a few of our progressing investigators! The spirit is so amazing!
I was able to get a blessing this week. I am so grateful for the priesthood! When the elders put their hands on my head I immediately started bawling the spirit was sooo strong! It was a really special experience!
Big gulps ehhh.... whelp see ya later!
Love you all!
булвйнкэл эгч


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