October 2, 2015


Provo MTC


Kerby (Ectch) Sister

Super Bowl Sabbath

Oh hi hi humans! So it was good to see everybody good...but so weird! I felt like an alien....or like that talking fish on the Cat in the Hat. hierte shu ( I love you!) Such a good day! Sister Kerby and I decided that we needed real food today, so we went to the temple for breakfast - seriously five stars! I took a picture, it was so heavenly! I highly recommend it. Way better than "the hospital food" and you're surrounded by old people - so it’s awesome.
So I took some notes on what to share because I got your dear elder letter (mom) so hopefully this letter is a little less random!
Monday was the fetching best (maybe not best adjective) anyway.....we got to watch Elder Richard G. Scott's funeral and it was so amazing. We watched it live as missionaries and the spirit was so strong! It was so cool, because all of the apostles that spoke, spoke about Jesus Christ and the Plan of Salvation! It was amazing! It was so cool to hear them testify of missionary work beyond the veil. I loved it. If you didn't get the chance to watch it, I also recommend that!
OOHHH ok Tuesday was super great too! My district is the best! After the Tuesday night devotionals we got to have a District Devotional and it is always so incredible!! This week was really amazing...but I don't have alot of time to talk about it....of course, it was about missionary work.
Ok sooo this week Sister Largin, our Mongolian teacher spoke to us in English for like an hour+, it was the greatest! She told us lots of stories and answered tons of questions! She gave us foreign candy!!
I'll just give you some quotes from her conversation (keep in mind she was training for the MMA she's a pretty bad mamba jamba).
Her Quotes:
"Mongolian candy (chocolate covered sun-dried milk) is like a petting zoo in your'll love it. Bring me back some."
"I was a solid 145 lbs of muscle going out and I came home 150 lbs of fat"
"Bring a plastic bag to hide the food you don't like in...and feed it to the dogs so they don't bite you"
"Mongolian dogs are Bears! Do not kick them."
She would have to climb a mountain for like 2 hrs sometimes to get to some investigators....but she said it was really fun because they have like this slide of ice going down the mountain that you can ride....its like eels and escalators (spongebob).
Haha, ok mom that conference talk from dear elder that you sent was like 6 pages long and everyone in my district made a huge deal out of it, hahaha and I didn't even get it til I had to explain what it was haha...they were like ohhh that makes more sense.
So oh my gosh I’m still random; but in one of our lessons this week we were going hard full Mongolian you know...and I'm bearing my testimony and I say 'faith', in was so awkward! My teacher just started laughing , I just finished up, yeasus kristeen narer awkward.
Well sorry that this letter wasn't much more collected...the weeks just go by!
I figure I'd leave you with a quote from my zone leader #thoughtoftheweek:

"We're all drops of water. We can choose to join the muddy rain puddle or we can erode our own Grand Canyon."
I love you all so much! I hope this week is wonderful ! Enjoy the super bowl....I mean General Conference! It will be so great!!
All my love,
Sister Bollwinkel


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