September 25, 2015


Provo MTC


Kerby (Ectch) Sister

The ELC Branch Pres. Bartholomew

cain baskino!

Sooo the Mongolian alphabet is kinda screwwy, but if you sound it out like that it means ‘hi everyone!’ Sooooo you get the point.
Thank you everyone for the letters and packages! I sadly didn't get the chicken-fila.... the MTC confiscated it or something (which I think means the front desk was a little hungry) and thank you Tai pan, I knew that it was Debbie when I saw the cute ribbon...I was like, "ahhhhhh" or something like that! And thank you so much for the buttermilk syrup...I ate it last night with a spoon. Nothing in the cafeteria is worthy of it.... so that's probably how I’ll keep eating it!

Sooooo it's weird here how like when you hear music/ humming/ whistling it’s always a hymn.... like right now. The Elder behind me thinks he's a professional whistler. Sister Kofed and Acluctch Mohney love twenty-one pilots... so we always sing it together.....all the other sisters are like "mmmmmm what?" It’s fun!

Ok let me tell ya, don't get sick in the MTC, because you feel like crap. Since you can't sleep in because you feel guilty, and you can't skip class because you'd never catch up! But it’s all good now. So sorry - random tangent!

We had our first TRC (Teaching Resource Center) lesson! it was so fun! He served in Mongolia and he was from Arizona and he helped us with our Mongolian... it was sweet and super reassuring! Our TRC consists of a members TRC or something.....mostly because real Mongolian investigators are hard to come by, but our teachers really emphasized that our purpose is to bring others unto Christ, not just find people who haven't heard about the restored gospel. It was really cool because in our TRC lesson I could really see that. We just read scriptures and bore our testimonies', but the Spirit was so strong, and I could tell that he felt it too. This gospel is so fetching amazing! I love it! I learn so much everyday!
To be honest, the MTC is so the whole concept: lets get thousands of 18-20 whatever year olds, put them all on the same campus, and teach them how to teach others about Christ. It's perfect!! Its so amazing....I know it’s a random thought. I just think its pretty cool how the Lord works to bring about His purpose. I learn so much from everyone here! I love it! !!
I'm officially like old here....everyone we came here with left this week. So we're surrounded by noobs..... one of the sisters in our district came into the room the other night, and with like a really solemn face was like, "we have been here for twenty days." Hahah. !t was so funny - time goes by so fast here!

OOOOOOOHHHHH! so this week we started ELC for ESL (English Learning Center for English as a Second Language! We have two weeks we're literally online everyday! And after the online course they ship us to the ELC by the football stadium like twice a week and we get to teach English classes! It will be so cool. English teaching is really what our mission is. Sure that's how we get into the country, and that is how we serve them. Mongolia is the only mission that has to get work visas. I'm so excited! I don't know anything about my sponsor school, but it will be so fetching sweet!

Well I think that's all for this week! I love you all and pray for you everyday! Be Safe!
xoxoxoxo, Sister Bollwinkel


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