September 11, 2015


Provo MTC


Kerby (Ectch) Sister

numchluchbatar (missionary-warrior)

Sooooooo this week has been very good! Time goes by incredibly quick, which I guess is good and bad haha! Mongolian is SO HARD! But we're all improving and helping each other! I might have been too harsh about the food last week.... but I'm being real. You can only be so nice when all you get is salad and caffeine-free coke! Thank you so much for the package! Seriously the best thing ever! I love you all! hierte (I love you)!!

So I came to the realization yesterday that I am being punished for writing my r's backwards all through high school! Like for real, backwards r's are a actual letter in Mongolian. Except that they are pronounced like the ‘ya’ in yaaaaaas. So like my friend Hunter said,” not a real alphabet!" No, but I love this! It's been such a humbling experience being here in the MTC! I’ve learned so much about the gospel and myself! I love it! My district as a whole is super awesome! They're all pretty weird ha, but I guess that's why we're all together! We call ourselves numchluchbatars, which means missionary warriors, or hero’ makes us feel good! Ok, so our first lesson was more than a train wreck. It was sooooooo awkward... we didn't understand anything except the sign language he used to kick us out! But we've taught him everyday since and he has committed to be baptized (evidently he is one of our teachers.....I guess finding real Mongolian speaking investigators is sort of hard to come by!) Sister Kerby and myself have learned alot! Our Mongolian is soooo much better! In our last lesson with Hadbatar (batar is like the most common name there) he asked a question and I knew exactly what he was asking, so I looked down in my little brown book and the first word I saw was an answer to his question! It was so flippin awesome!!! #thegiftoftoungesisreal
Now I’m just working on my reading and pronunciation and basically alot! But I know that as long as I put forth my full effort the Lord will make all the difference in His work!

My Companion Sister Kerby is such a blessing - let me tell you. She keeps me sane and lets me vent and just listens to all my random tangents. She's a saint, a really sarcastic saint, I asked her, "as your senior companion Sister Bollwinkel would like you to look up the word joke".......she said something that sounded like silverware in the garbage disposal (so I assumed it was correct)......all she kept saying was jerk.... I guess its only funny to me sorry. We laughed about it for a long time, we keep each other in line! We just got called as sister training leaders (STL), which only means we get to go to more meetings and wake up earlier.... but we get to welcome all the new sisters into our zone, we're way excited for that!

-GREAT NEWS! I found out that I get to eat more than yak burgers! Our teacher says we'll eat mutton, wolf, horse, lamb and camel.....but mostly mutton. Greasy gross.

-INSIGHT OF THE WEEK: "if you are failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail"

It is a school called Shine Uy Secondary School, I’ll be teaching English! That also means that I will be getting my visa soooooon! #yaalthdagk (#winning) #shewasnumberone

I love you all! Thank you so much for the prayers, love and support!

Stay Golden,
Sister Bollwinkel


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