September 8, 2015


Provo MTC


Kerby (Ectch) Sister

Sain baina uu?

"Well it's great", the MTC is actually pretty cool! Day one was hard, I was like; what did I do?? But I woke up just fine! The Lord has blessed me so much! The language is progressing, coming slow but what we are able to say is pretty amazing! He has supported me so much! I'm doing really well! I haven't gotten sick, so let's all pray for Sister Bollwinkel's stomach! Preston was being generous with a 5 rating, the food is a solid 3. We decided its safe to stick with the salads they have some pretty good ranch, like it might actually be one of the best things here. The cookie I ate today gave me hope for a 4, but we'll see what dinner brings! So, in the past three days I have developed a love for caffeine-free coke (what??) I think it's just because it’s brown and carbonated tho!
OK. So our district is HUGE! We have 13 of us reporting to Mongolia, six sisters and seven elders. The last batch of Mongolians to get into the country was like five strong. We also have about 13 additional members of our district. They are all foreign, going to English missions! Bailey there is an elder in our group from Tonga! He loves taking pictures and whenever he does he says, "one. two......yep." haha!! I almost peeed my pants! I told him about you and your adventures! I've become pretty good friends with a sister from Fiji also, she just took out her endowments today - she is super sweet! As well we have a companionship going to Hawaii, one from Hong Kong and the other from Japan...they say my name so funny and I love them!! My companion is Sister Kerby! She is so so sweet and has such a strong beautiful testimony! She's from San Diego and was at BYU this last semester. We get along really well and have a lot in common. I love her! It’s funny, because the Mongolian companionship are paired up perfectly. The really overly excited sisters, then the way chill mysterious sisters, and then us. We're somewhere in between I think.
Our MTC teachers only talk to us in Mongolian so that's a struggle, but the gift of tongues is real! Kerby Ectch (ectch= sister) and me can almost recognize the whole alphabet and we know how to share really simple testimonies! Its so sweet! Ohhhhh and I met a sister from Mongolia! she's waaaay cool and very Mongolian, she's going to temple square! She said my pronunciation was very good! Hahaha! I have no idea what I'm doing, but it made me feel really good to hear her say that!

I ran into Sister Hurst, she's doing great. I also ran into Elder was awkward because I was like hola hermano (gift of tongues) and he was like Caiteeee and tried to hug me. So I had to stick out my hand and say, "no hugs" but like in a really scared awkward voice, it was really funny. There are so many missionaries here! On Wednesday 600 new missionaries arrived, maybe that's not that impressive, but I was like,"woah"!
Well "apparently" the MTC isn't as bad as it sounds. Everyone is really happy and obedient and busy. And everyone says hi to you or like "hey sisters".... I've never been so popular in my life. So needless to say I like it here! My friends all said they would drop me off SWIG...but I’ve checked all the trees and the volleyball courts and no Dr pepper. It's cool ladies - I still love you! It's so funny we are able to like leave the MTC a lot and go to the temple and go play volleyball and spike ball and stuff, and it's so nice because we can see the sky and clouds and grass and the mountains and air. It's so awesome! We look forward to that everyday.
I love this gospel. I know that it's true! I know that I have a purpose here as a missionary and I love it!! I know that our Heavenly Father loves all of us and He loves me and has been helping me so much! I am grateful for the atonement, I know were I lack, He has made up the difference and He truly does make all the difference in all of our lives!
i love you all!!! i hope everyone is doing well!!! xoxo

Баяртай, sister bollwinkel (bollwinkel ectch)


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