August 29, 2016


3rd Area Ironwood Zone


Sister Young

33rd Group Email

So a quick apology really fast about the group emails, I've been told by people receiving them that when I sent them I was sending ALLLLLL of my group emails that I've ever sent along with that week's email. So sorry about the spam. It's something I've figured out now so hopefully that doesn't happen again ....

ANYWAY, this is going to be short and sweet AGAIN because yes ... I think that I have a lot to say and then I don't. But anyways.

My new companion is Sister Young and she is amazing oh my goodness. We just clicked, we had lived together for 3 months before she became my companion so we already knew each other but we are doing awesome together. We laugh a lot, work hard, and press on. She has been out 14 months and is from Idaho Falls. We like a lot of the same things and are on the same wavelength most of the time so YES. Excited for this transfer. I will send a picture next week of us doing missionary things.

Our area luckily wasn't affected by the ginormous influx of missionaries into this mission (which is a miracle because most of the areas were) except our area got moved from the Ironwood zone to the Queen Creek zone ... but that wasn't a huge change. :)

We saw lots and lots of miracles as usual, lots of people telling us to come back and the Merrills are still progressing. Aly came to church (the daughter) but Alicia couldn't make it because HER mom had a heart attack in Cali so she had to fly out there to see her. So keep her and her mom's health in your prayers. Aly let the entire Mia Maid class know that she was getting baptized and they all want to go. :) It's awesome. They're so solid.

Lots of awesome happenings in the mission field, I have loved everything so far. I'm so grateful to be out here, I'm grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ, I'm grateful for what I have learned and the positive changes that have been made, for the miracles I've seen. Thanks everyone for your love and support! Stay awesome! Remember who you are!

Picture- Me, Sister Irvin (who still lives with us), Sister Young, and Sister Taylor (who is gone)

Sister Burden
Missionary of the Gilbert Arizona Mission


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