August 15, 2016


3rd Area Ironwood Zone


Sister Taylor

31st Group Email

Hello everyone this week!!!!

This email is going to be short! I got a ton of emails this week and I tried to write back everyone who wrote me!!! It's hard though so I run out of time so this will be short but I will make a list of things that happened this week:

1. An apartment right above us caught fire and so we get a call from the Elders in that area saying we needed to come because the firefighters were about to axe open the door to check for water damage and we were like, "NO NO NO DON"T DO THAT WE WILL BRING KEYS!!!!" Then we got yelled at by a lady firefighter for getting too close because we were trying to give them our keys and we were like "They need our keys!!! They're going to axe our door!!!" So that was an eventful Sunday.

2. Laura came to Gospel principles and Relief Society!!!! She was very touched by everything that was talked about and our lesson this past week went really well. Again, she's progressing but at her own pace and on her own time. So keep her in your prayers!!! Also her father, because his health is declining.

3. We had FHA this week where we ate Hawaiian haystacks and played Catchphrase ... that was really really fun

4. One of our wards had a variety show and we set up a little table for any of the non members who were coming and wanted to ask us questions. No one came over but the show was still fun (like really really funny) and people did bring non members, including our ward mission leader and his family! So it was still a success for member missionary work.

5. I went on exchanges with Sister Beaudry while Sister Taylor went to Florence with Sister Schmauch and it was really awesome. We learned a lot and saw tons of miracles. :) Lots of teaching occurred.

Anyway, that's about it!!!! Hope you all have a fantabulous week and remember to stay strong and love Christ!

Sister Burden


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