May 31, 2016


2nd Area (English Speaking)


Sister Olson

20th Group Email


-Called to preach the Gospel to our neighbors-
-Serving, testifying of His word-
-Called to spread the truth and Restoration-
-In the areas where we serve-
-Gilbert, Bella Vista, Higley, Highland, Temple View-
-Ironwood, QUEEN CREEK!!!, Florence-
-San Tan and Desert Ridge-
-Hard work is our motto and our banner is unfurled-
-Arizona Gilbert mission, greatest mission in the world!-

For those of you who are not missionaries from my mission that I am sending this group email to, this is the Gilbert Arizona Mission's self proclaimed third verse for Called to Serve. And oh how it is true. I definitely have seen it in effect this week and just the many miracles that I have seen from working hard and preaching the gospel to our neighbors. It's been an awesome week and also a learning week. This week was the last week of the transfer and last night we were supposed to get transfer calls. However, this is President Nattress's last transfer with us so he's putting a lot of effort and thought into this transfer and what will happen so we have not yet received news yet if anyone is being transferred. I have been in this area for 4 1/2 months now though and am very afraid that now that we have work galore that I'm going to be transferred. If that happens I probably won't be able to let anyone know so just hold off on sending any letters to the Brangus address for now.

This week we were able to put our investigator Clinton on date for June 25th :). His lesson was so cool. We had just finished teaching him about the Restoration and asked him if he would pray to know that what we were saying was true and he says, "I already know it's true, it all makes sense. I definitely know that it's true." So we invited him to baptism and he accepted wholeheartedly and is so excited to be joining the church. He is so prepared and ready and I am so excited for him and the journey that he's on.

A funny story from this week involving my own stupidity: So it's started getting really hot here in AZ and dumb me wasn't drinking enough water to sustain myself in the heat. Here, it gets so hot that you have to drink water even if you're not thirsty because you're in a constant state of dehydration. Well, we had been biking that day and knocking doors and I started to not feel well and feel dizzy. At first, I played it off because I felt like I was being dramatic but then, as we approached a house, I ran straight into a pillar! Well more like fell ... into the pillar. So I told Sister Olson I needed more water and to sit down and we went to one of our bishop's houses. I sat down and drank three water bottles of water in less than 10 minutes! Sister Dees, the bishop's wife, told me to go home. So, because of my own stupidity, I was confined to the house for the rest of the day because my body was extremely overheated and dehydrated. I can already hear my dad's voice telling me to drink more water. :)

Otherwise this week has been awesome! Thanks so much for the support that I feel from everyone, this truly is a life changing work and I'm so grateful and honored to represent Jesus Christ for this amount of time! OH also I brought my camera cord so I will attach pictures!!!

Sister Burden
1st pic) Sarahi's baptism
2nd) someone set up this table at weekly planning with a towel covered figure and put a note that said "reserved for the spirit" it was funny :)
3rd) my watch tan line
4th) Arizona skys <3


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