May 23, 2016


2nd Area (English Speaking)


Sister Olson

19th Group Email


Hope everyone had a fantastic week and were able to see miracles. I know that I did!!! This week was so much fun and it was so awesome. We worked hard and were able to achieve many many goals this week!

We received a commitment from our district leaders to try to get 8 members out with us this week and to teach with them and we were able to teach 9 lessons with members!! It was so awesome to see the miracles that members bring. Member missionary work is so real. In fact one time we brought out this YSA Savannah to go tracting (knocking doors) with her and literally every single person opened the door and let us teach them and wanted us to come back. For those of you familiar with missionary work and tracting, that never happens and it was such a huge testimony and blessing to be able to see that. Savannah was even given the opportunity to bear her testimony to a lady and to give her a Book of Mormon! Because of that we gained a new investigator and the work is just so incredible in this area!

On Saturday it was a very special day because I was able to see one of my old Spanish investigators, Sarahi, get baptized. :) It was an incredible experience and it was the first person I've taught on my mission who's been baptized. I will include pictures next week (also many many apologies to people who've been wanting pictures) of us standing together, because I forgot my camera cord and I email at the library ... so sorry. But they will be coming!!! I guarantee!!!

We also talked with Clinton, one of our current investigators, yesterday and he's so funny. He literally said, "So like, what's the transition into your religion? What do I have to do? They told me you were the people to talk to and like you have stuff for me to read, I've been reading the Book of Mormon but do you have like other stuff?" And we were like, "Uh ... like the pamphlets?" And he says, "Yah! Those! On Tuesday can you bring those all over and I can read them and we can get this process going?" We were just so happy and excited about his enthusiasm haha.

This week has just been incredible and full of miracles and we definitely have seen our hard work come to fruition. :) Thanks so much for everyone's support and for all the emails and the love. I PROMISE I WILL SEND PICTURES EVENTUALLY!!!!!

Sister Burden


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