February 8, 2016


2nd Area (Spanish Speaking)


Hermana Haycock

7th Group Email

HOla COmo EStas?

But really, hello, how are my wonderful family and friends doing? :) I have been good this week, this week has been a good week. I can now say prayers, testify, and somewhat teach in Spanish. My companion still has to correct me a lot but I think the members really do appreciate that I'm trying to speak to them in their language and they help me too. I just need to have more confidence and look them in the eye, the Lord has really been carrying me through learning this language.

This week really was great though because we feel like we're finally getting our way around this new English ward, gaining member trust (the members really like us for which we are eternally grateful), trying to push member missionary work, and getting less actives to church. SPEAKING OF WHICH, the less active I mentioned in my last email? Came to church. :) His name is Brother Medley and he is awesome. His wife is not a member and this week they had a really rough week. Ever since Brother Medley promised us that he would be at church, his week fell apart. Satan was working really hard on him and attacking him from all sides. So we decided to heart attack their door and it lifted their spirits sooooo much. Brother Medley said that we had no idea how much that helped them and how much Becky (his wife) really loved us. He said no missionaries, or person really, had ever touched her so much before. We had a big heart to heart talk with him about church and just helped him realize its importance. SO HE CAME. Ironically, it was testimony meeting and ALL of the testimonies pertained to him. Ha just kidding, not irony, God planned it. Then Sister Haycock and I bore our testimonies and he seemed really touched so we're hoping he starts coming more and more. We're so excited for him. :)

Otherwise this week was pretty normal, or as normal as a missionary can get. I've learned a lot about how there really are people prepared for specifically you in your mission and when we went to the temple on Wednesday, I realized how closely Christ walks besides his missionaries. It's crazy, because you don't think about it but missionary work is so inspired and incredible. I'm so grateful to be here on a mission and to have been able to meet the people I've met. I'm so grateful for this gospel and the happiness it brings. Thank you all for your support and well wishes. :)

Us with Brother Medley at church, he's a very sarcastic man and that exasperated look is normal, he gives it to us all the time :D

Us biking, I'm behind looking scary

Our GPS took us to a field and told us that the house should've been here. It wasn't. We got a picture of our disappointment with technology, also my mufasa hair (helmet hair I'm tellin ya, its real and a menace)


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