June 3, 2019


Eureka, MO


Sister Palmer

save the date;)

things are getting pretty surreal over here- I bore my dying testimony (testimony you give at your last zone conference) and I had my literal exit interview earlier this week. i'm literally freaking out about coming home and how fast it has all gone, so...

•June 24th- Boise, ID airport landing @7:15 pm 
•June 30th- MY HOMECOMING TALK @12pm (2650 S Five Mile)    

went to fuzzy's taco shop twice this week and it's the first I've had it since CoMo. (don't know what fuzzys is? you're missing out big time, but probably gonna have it cater my wedding in 7 years so stay tuned. too bad fuzzy's is only in Mo, but God provides a way?)

Sister Palmer and I are literally killin it together. you know when you're with someone who makes you a way better person and you literally never want to separate, even for just one single day? that's literally me with sis palm #companionshipgoals

sis palm kicks my trash in the mornings- we wake up at 6:00 every day so we can have a full work out (who am i??) and get everything else done by 10:00. being stl basically wrecks your morning schedules and half the time we say, hour long personal study who? 

this week was HARD. literally Thursday was HANDS DOWN the absolute hardest day on my mission so far. we hardly got any sleep the previous night bcuz we were on exchanges which = sleeping on a uncomfy couch. then literally all day once we got back to our area, EVERYTHING fell through + we walked literal 8 miles in the Mo hot summer. it was dang frustrating bc we didn't know what the Lord needed us to do and we seriously couldn't figure out how the spirit was prompting us ALL DAY.

the next morning we were literal wrecks- like out of body experience bc we were so wrecked. I really, and i mean this for real, have never experienced such pure exhaustion in my whole life. but literally how cool is it to be so exhausted knowing that we worked our literal tails off serving God each min of the day #worthit

ONE REALLY COOL THING FROM THURS THO- it was probably 7pm at this point and we were tracting but weren't feeling anything. we walked past this house and saw a pest control guy talking to someone and immediately in my head i said, "you're a RM" and YA GIRL WAS RIGHT. he came up to us afterwards and said, "sisters! when you walked by I basically bore my testimony to the owner and told him that if you ever knock on his door, he needs to listen." grateful that pest control men got our backs :') we knocked on his door 2 hours later and he didn't answer- but still trying.
our spanish friends are doing bueno. we taught them all about the gospel ofJesus Christ and discussed a lot about baptism. it is literally the best thing when you run into someone who is just DANG prepared to receive the message of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. we literally aren't teaching anyone outside of these 3 men, so it has been literally hard trying to find people who will progress. but this week will be full of miracles, so expect a miracle poppin email next week.

SPIRITUAL THOUGHT- yesterday during Sunday School we talked about the 10 virgins in the New Testament and discussed the importance of constantly filling our personal lamps with oil. something that kept coming to mind was how much my lamp is filled with oil when i turn outside of myself and teach the gospel to others. I truly think that every single time we bear our testimony or share the gospel with a friend, Heavenly Father overflows our lamp. I feel like I own the message of the restoration and the 42 principles of the gospel because I have taught them to others- and each time i teach it to others, i learn it better and come to know it more fully. 

make it a good day
sis b 

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