May 7, 2019


Eureka, MO


Sister Winn

with the snap of a finger

this week we ate out a lot and had a lot of mental breakdowns

with the snap of a finger, sis poulos is outta here and currently on her way to UT on an airplane. pretty surreal to watch a companion prepare to go home, and basically gathered that I am not ready for june :(( but on the real- i have learned so much these past 2 transfers serving with sp that I know I'll carry throughout the rest of my life. it blows my mind how close the gospel can bring 2 people together.

in one of our zone chats someone said Battle Star Galactica on may the 4th and I pronounced it as battle star guh-lay-sha, gold star to me

Fave quote from testimony meeting:

I'm what can be described as "pretty broke"

I say, can relate

we had dinner at the Bateman's for sister poulos' last night and at the end we taught them the resto lesson- it was the scarriest thing I've done my whole mission. but honestly, so neat how powerful that message is, no matter if we're teaching it to someone for the first time, or for the hundereth time, the spirit is always there so strong. I've realized the dramatic change in myself from the first day I taught that lesson to the way I teach it now and the progression that has been made. each time I teach it, I simply feel I'm bearing my testimony- it's a message I've come to own and know to be true.

mlc thoughts + impressions:

☆every good thing depends on my ability to feel the Holy Ghost

☆no matter what the situation is, it always comes down to building and increasing faith

☆reaching goals helps me grow into the principle of hope and faith

SPIRITUAL THOUGHT- I've been thinking lots about the scripture Mosiah 2:41, "consider on the blessed and happy state of those that keep the commandments of God." I know that there's so much happiness that comes from being obedient and walking on the covenant path carefully. we owe so much back to Heavenly Father for the many things He's given to us. we have too many things to be grateful for and we take far too much for granted. God bless the MSLM and the many truths I've learned from it.

over + out

sis b


1. cupcakes we ate that were later thrown up bc nerves were out of whack

2. exchanges

3. our fave man gpa daniel

4. at the elders bball game last week 

5. last tri selfie lol 6. zone pday


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