April 15, 2019


Eureka, MO


Sisters Poulos & Winn

power of prayer

well folks, it's sis b comin at ya live and we're getting into the reals: 

this week i hit the fattest break down of my whole life lol. The first half of the week you found me cleaning my bathroom at 5:30 am because I couldn't stay in bed any longer. On thursday, after bawling my eyes out in the church's mothers lounge with my comps for 2+ hours, I decided enough was enough and I needed a priesthood blessing. During my blessing I realized how close Heavenly Father is to us. I realized how easy it is to communicate with Him and I understood that He knows all that we feel and all that we go through. Beyond grateful for the priesthood power and really can't imagine life without it.


sister winn is from Idaho Falls- first real comp from ID! sister winn says, "wait, sis beal do you have family in IF?" Before sister winn came out, she worked in the IF temple where she met my gpa, who told her I was in this mission, WHO I AM NOW TRAINING.

MLC- we had it + it was good. I learned that I am 100% responsible for the people I am teaching and everyone in my area and zones.

MIRACLE MORNING- sunday morning we told Heavenly Father we were determined to find 2 new people to start teaching before church started so that we could be standard of excellence missionaries this week. we went tracting in the freezing cold rain and FOUND 2 NEW between 10am-11am #hollaforadolla
fave quote from testimony meeting yesterday:"the only things I have going for me are the things the Lord has given me."
biggest rebuke of my life from our ward mission leader:"If you're gluten intolerant, you shouldn't eat gluten as a part of your individual word of wisdom." I said, thx. 

SPIRITUAL THOUGHT- I've realized that a huge part of the person I have become on my mission has been factored through my personal prayers. Prayer truly has become something so natural and instinctive on my part because I've learned my true relationship with my Father in Heaven, and I always want to put more work + effort into that relationship. I know that as I pray with all the energy of my soul, it increases the capacity to hear and heed the Holy Ghost.

I pray to develop my true relationship with God and to become more like Him.

"When we honor our covenants and strive to be more like our Savior, we are entitled to a constant stream of divine guidance through the influence and inspiration of the Holy Ghost" (Elder Brook P. Hales, April 2019 GC).

over + out, sister beal



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