March 11, 2019


Eureka, MO


Sister Poulos

103 degree temp

This blessed week I had a fever with a whopping 103 temp for 4 days straight. 2 out of those 4 days were spent at zone conference and an emergency exchange with a set of sisters, which resulted in the next 2 days being straight BEDRIDDEN. After not working our area for 4 days we put aside literally 3 straight hours of finding time on Sunday and didn't find 1 single new soul to start teaching. While it's so dang easy to say, "literally Heavenly Father, why?" I've learned the importance of counting blessings. I'm grateful for the health that I normally have that allows me to go out and work hard & I'm grateful for people who listen to our message. We're just 2 missionaries out here sharing the good word in a world full of hate lol. 

The goods of the week:

•zone conf take away "do a little bit more & be a little bit better"

•we got asked to do a musical number not even 24 hours before zc and somehow managed to pull out a pretty good violin & piano duet. Only had time to run through it maybe 10 times and nailed it on the real deal

•our missions music policy changed to listen to any kind of music, as long as it directs our thoughts to the savior and helps us feel the spirit- you best believe one of the first songs I listened to was by john mayer

•Tabitha, who was literally baptized last week, went to the temple on Sat to do baptisms for the dead #fonttofont

•Elder Maynes from the 70 came and spoke at our stake conf and it was so good. It made me realize how grateful I am for spiritual promptings & the gift of the holy ghost. 

SPIRITUAL THOUGHT- the first great commandment is to love God. the first great truth is that He loved us first.

over + out

zc was in cape g- if you look at the pic with the map, the route 55 sign is about where my blessed home sikeston is, dang south 


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