March 4, 2019


Eureka, MO


Sister Poulos


I'm serving in the St. Louis Zone and it is THE BEST. I'm in a cute little place called EUREKA- 30 minutes outside of the city. We have a St. Louis Bread Co right down the road from our apt and I say, dangerous but worth it. I already found myself a guitar from a member in the ward so I'm already being straight blessed here. 

Downside: it's brutal cold here- right now we're chillin in -11°
Upside: We had our planning meeting inside of St Louis Bread Co and they played 3 John Mayer songs and I said, what a tender mercy.
Side note- the drinking water here is 99% chlorine and 1% fresh water I swear on it- someone google it.

We had MLC (missionary leadership council) this past Friday which was so good. 2 members from the missionary department came and spoke to us- favorite quote: "The thing about missionaries is that you don't have a life" -Brother Littlefield (inside joke, aka brother bigcourt). We talked a lot about what it means to be a successful missionary and how we can help each missionary in this mission feel that way. We talked A LOT about the WHY of a mission. Knowing what we want to accomplish (on a mission or not) gives us the why- the reason we're doing it. We set that goal and the why helps us to RUN for it. The first and most important thing to remember is that it is a matter of exercising faith throughout our works to reach our goals. Heavenly Father WANTS us and BEGS us to be successful (probably on a mission- convert baptisms, off a mission- temple covenants)

SPIRITUAL THOUGHT: Here's a preview of what I have been thinking about this week - we are 100% responsible for the choices that we make and we need to accept that and be agents with the life we have been blessed with.
xoxo, sister beal

new address: 1 Hogan Circle Apt 205 Eureka, Mo 63025

pic 1: SCarroll for the last time :'(
pic 2: SPoulos- my new comp
pic 3: guess where- my fav place
pic 4: bread co- yum 


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