February 26, 2019


Sikeston, MO


Sister Carroll

leaving Sikeston

I'm leaving Sikeston and I am U P S E T about it. This ghetto, little place has literally GROWN on me so much. I'll forever miss the many cotton fields, the roaches, and the smell of fresh weed, yum. I'm going STL and sister carroll is turn around training here in Sikeston! I'm literally HYPED out of my mind for this upcoming transfer and anxious as heck to find out where I'm going! good thing I find out in 24 hours and you all have to wait a full week for my next email, sorry not sorry.

On the real- I want to low-key bear my testimony about this place. When I first came to Sikeston, I hated life. I really didn't want to be serving in this area- I knew it was ghetto, I knew it was the boonies and I had just come from a place I got WAY TOO attached to. In all honesty, it was the hardest adjustment of my whole mission (probably because I'm stubborn and was not having it lol). But, I quickly had a reality check and knew that I was here for a reason and trusted in Heavenly Father and my mission president for calling me here. And shoot, I think I'm more attached to this area than I was for CoMo and that shakes my mind. I've learned to love and humbly accept the plan that Heavenly Father has for us. I would give almost anything to stay in this area longer and keep working with the people here- this area is home to me. President Bateman just keeps tearing my little heart apart from leaving all of the people and places I've come to love.
goods from this week--Sister Carroll slept talked in the middle of the night and started saying a prayer, so that tells you how spiritual we are
-we currently have 3 baptisms set up for March and I'm soooo sad to be leaving at a time where Sikeston is bumpin- but really, the reason we have 3 on date is because of member missionary work. MMW is hands down, the BIGGEST thing I have learned from this area.-we found 6 new people to start teaching this week and I feel so blessed to be lead to find people at the right time. I KNOW that Heavenly Father leads us EXACTLY where we need to be, even when we don't recognize it at the time.-SC and I decided to study the Isaiah part in 2 Nephi and it took us 1 hour to go over 6 versus, that's all I have to say about that 
SPIRITUAL THOUGHT- earlier this week, I studied Enos and focused on the Doctrine of Christ throughout the chapter. Something I realized was the STRONG desire that Enos had to have communion with His Father in Heaven. Enos' motivation to get on his knees and plead to Heavenly Father came through his humility and love for the Savior. And really, something that I love even more was the fact that Enos went to the forest thinking about the words his dad taught him. He was literally just pondering the words of the prophet in the middle of hunting animals and "the joy of the saints, sunk deep into [his] heart." I know that when we ponder the scriptures and the words of our prophets, we feel the spirit more abundantly. "Study the scriptures carefully, deliberately. Ponder and pray over them. Scriptures are revelation, and they will bring added revelation." -Elder D. Todd Christofferson 
side note- the 2019 mutual theme and music album is bumpin lollll
all my love, plus a WHOLE lot more,sister beal
pic 1- Alicia- my bff, getting baptized on the 16th, LOVE herpic 2- I found my dad !!!pic 3- tracting w my vampire eyes, so blessedpic 4- sis folk @ the templepic 5- st. louis arch meusem pic 6- arch 


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