February 4, 2019


Sikeston, MO


Sister Carroll

a letter to my fans


-sister carroll and I were out tracting and along the way we found a ripped up, BEATEN up $100 LAYING IN THE GUTTER UNDER SOME LEAVES #dinner4days (we did try to find the owner)

-while spingfield, IL had -50° weather because of wind chills (that's literally not actually exaggerated, i know that's rare for me) we were blessed with the warm weather of 67° on sunday #promisedland

-our mission president has asked us to share the new Welcome & This Is Church video 7 times EACH DAY in the month of February. on Feb 1 we shared the video 20 times which resulted in 5 new!!

-during sunday school at church we took the first 2 minutes and asked each member to pull out their phones and type in our phone number. we then asked them "who do you wish was sitting next to you?" and got over 30 referrals in literally 2 seconds

-I was reading my scriptures one night, thinking of Edward- the super progressing guy that ghosted us a couple weeks ago- & had super direct instructions from the BoM telling me what we needed to do with him. we went over the next morning and he answered the door, letting us right in. we shared a powerful message with him and are back at it again with teaching him.

-while tracting, Michael Porter- former NBA player, guy that saved sis dixon & me the day after we almost died - yelled at us and told us to come talk to him. He pumped us up and said, "you need to know that I'm proud of you sisters, you have the most dangerous and most important job and I'm praying for you the whole way through." Literally I love this guy and wish he could get his NBA butt to church.

-we had dinner at our bishops house and between bishop & me we ate a whole bag of croutons. Not really a miracle, but to some, maybe? 

NOT SO MUCH OF A MIRACLE: we were driving home from an appointment and stopped at a stop sign because #obeyandhonorthelaw. There was a group of 6 black men walking straight towards us and before we knew it they were ALL SURROUNDING OUR CAR and staring us down, HARD. we locked our doors super fast because we were pretty convinced one of them was going to try to get in lolllll. we finally skirted away when they all moved and when we turned back to look at them they were all yelling at us trying to get our number HAHAH. #classicsikeston

SPIRITUAL THOUGHT- I was studying 1 Nephi 3 and came across the verse when Laman & Lemuel realize that if Laban can kill thousands of people it will be dang easy for Laban to kill them. The part that stood out to me was in verse 31 when Laman & Lemuel say, "then why not us?" I think that it's sometimes too easy to forget who is on our side, protecting us and watching over us. It can be easy to doubt in the Lord when a trial/problem is staring us right in the face- but ultimately we need that greater faith & trust in Heavenly Father that He knows what is for our VERY BEST.     

 The answer to "why not us?" is because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ we receive the strength we need to get through the adversities. The Atonement is the very thing that carries us through the times when we feel we are alone. We think "then why not us" too often before we actually exercise our faith and trust in Him. We KNOW that we can do whatsoever thing is expedient unto Him when the substance of our faith is HIM. 

over & out 
sis B

pic 1: 6 week old german shepherd and me 
pic 2: imagine i have snapchat and this filter says 10° (also, me not being distracted while driving 75 mph, oops)
pic 3: this is a street in sikeston we aren't allowed to walk on ever bc #sketchy
pic 4: us in 70° weather, much betta
pic 5: sis c put tape on my forehead and called me a lamenite. why the tape has that effect on me, i'm not sure 
pic 6: more 70° weather


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