December 31, 2018


Sikeston, MO


Sister Carroll

new year new me

Some members in our ward gave us gifts for christmas which literally only consisted of bath & body work products. 5 lotion and perfume bottles later and I say, should I take this personally? 

Things I learned this week: 
•i love my family more than i thought, just jokes, kinda

•reverance brings revelation

•there's so much strength that comes through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. There were some heckin hard days this week, and when I had no one to turn to and even doubted why I was here, I learned that Heavenly Father knows me and has a plan for me. I literally felt the strength and support Heavenly Father was giving me through Christ's Atonement. Because of the things I'm going through, I'm learning to rely on my Savior. If we allow the Lord to guide us He will make us into something we didn't even know we could become.

•I finished the Book of Mormon this morning! This is the 5th time I have read through the BoM on my mission and I realized how much revelation & knowledge I recieved this go around. I flip through my pages and see how many answers I recieved to questions I didn't even know I had. I realized that each page I read was leading to me know the truthfulness of Christ's doctrine, through the gift of the Holy Ghost.

•I'm literally hosed when I go home and can't steal my parents debit card anymore. During 3rd hour at church, we all combined together for a self reliance class which I actually LOVED. They talked about how when we are more self-reliant we are more like Heavenly Father, and one of the best ways to be self-reliant is to turn to the scriptures. I realized that I probably owe, give or take, $10,000 to mom and dad, yikes truth comes out.•on Christmas we got to watch any G or PG rated movies and I said, wow this is actually boring just sitting here for 2 straight hours lol. I learned that my perspective on things I used to do at home are way different than they are here.

Short miracles from this week:•We had exchanges with our STLs, so I got to spend a day w Sister Alder- best days of my life. At 8:30 pm we had nothing left to do, so we decided to go tracting for 30 more min bc #miraclehour. Sis Alder felt prompted to go try a specific person but when we knocked on the door no one answered. I looked around at the different doors around us and the spirit literally said, go knock on that door with the wreath. A man answered who had lost contact with missionaries when he moved but was still reading from the Book of Mormon and wanted to learn more. LITERALLY WE FREAKED WHEN HE SHUT THE DOOR WITH A RETURN APPOINTMENT IN HAND.

•on Saturday Sister Carroll and I set the daily goal of finding 1 new person and within the span of 20 min we picked up 4 new. God is good and blesses us for setting goals & plans

•at District Council the Elders asked us if we were struggling with anything in our area, so I told them I felt like we didn't have a lot of people we could invite to be baptized (don't worry, I got rebuked). We were determined to invite someome and later on that same day we invited a girl to be baptized on feb 23 to which she said YES. 

SPIRITUAL THOUGHT- Hebrews 11:1 "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidnece of things not seen."

Faith is more than just a nice concept, you have to have faith in substance, like Jesus Christ. I realized that so much this week. When I turned to Heavenly Father in humble prayer and sincerely prayed to Him, I recognized how much faith I truly have in Christ and how much it has blessed my life.

xoxo, sister beal

Pic 1: half of my comps in one pic 
Pic 2: sis alder & me 
Pic 3: christmas day 
Pic 4: christmas eve


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