December 24, 2018


Sikeston, MO


Sister Carroll


Highlights- caleigh got baptized which was so awesome. She brought a ton of her non-member fans aka her family. THEN they took us out to a steak house for lunch after her baptism and we said, this is too good to be true pls let us teach you.

I found my new addiction for herbal tea and i say where has this been all my life. A member saw that i was sick out of my mind and gave me a whole pack and I drank 6 bags in one day HAHAH, it's healthy though so basically it's not harmful if I don't drink that much in a day. It helps me be one with my inner zen- just jokes i honestly have no idea what that actually means, who am i?

I had to play the organ in sacrament meeting yesterday and it actually went so well. I played joy to the world for the last hymn and changed the organ setting? (idk what it's called) for the last verse and sounded LITERALLY PRO even though I was only playing the simplified version LOL.

Lowlights- we ate straight trash this week and are getting TUBBY so the Elders in our district are making a spreadsheet to help us not look like whales. Basically we get points if we wake up on time, actually work out in the morning, and eat healthy- literally, I already know I'm going to lose from all the sugar I consume in a day (good thing diet coke is sugar free- two FAT thumbs up for that). But hey, now that sisters can wear pants, more motivation right?

I've been sick ALL week but good thing my companion knows a lot about medicine so she gives me 24 different pills a day, all good things.

SPIRITUAL THOUGHT- we had zone conf this week which was all centered on Jesus Christ. At the end, President Bateman asked us, "Who is Christ?" And had people tell their answers in a simple sentence. It was so cool to feel the spirit so strong when people had simple words to describe who Christ was to them. The thought that kept coming to my mind was ALL good things. Christ is the GREATEST gift we have and truly, the ONLY gift we need.

INVITATION- what gift are you giving Christ this year?

Have a blessed Christmas,
xoxo, sis b 

Pic 1: Caleigh's baptism! 
Pic 2: merry day 
Pic 3: my new fav thing to do is make cards for people so here's a few :') 
Pic 4: zone conference 
Pic 5: ghetto tree pt 2


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