December 17, 2018


Sikeston, MO


Sister Carroll

Merry 8 days....

It's literally 60 degrees today and I say, where's the Christmas Spirit? CRAZY STOKED FOR CHRISTMAS EITHER WAY. I literally LOVE holidays on the mish.

Sister Carroll has been telling me all about what's been going on in the world and literally it's so weird that I know so little and that I'm so far behind. She told me that John Mayer came out with a new EP and literally, the biggest temptation of my whole mission has been to look that song up on FaceBook lol. But don't worry, I tell Heavenly Father I can wait 6 more months and that it's worth the sacrifice.

We were driving home from a dinner appointment in the pitch black and Sister Carroll and I were talking to each other in the car when last minute we see this UGGGLY possum in the MIDDLE OF OUR LANE. A smart person would have probably just kept driving and let the possum keep walking under the middle of the car- but in the .02 seconds I had to make up my mind, I decide to swerve to try to avoid hitting it which instead LINES ME UP PERFECTLY TO NAIL HIM SO HARD AND LET ME TELL YOU THAT POSSUM SLEPT WAY TOO GOOD THAT NIGHT OOPS.

Sunday night we had 20 extra minutes before dinner so we decided to hit the streets. We had a really hard time finding people this week, so we have been seriously desperate to find just 1 new person to start teaching. We said a prayer and knocked on JUST ONE DOOR and picked this lady up as a new! It was literally a tender blessing- Heavenly Father knew our desires and blessed us for it. 

SPIRITUAL THOUGHT- we were on our way to Cape Girardeau for President Interviews and drove past this church that's sign said, "come advent worship with us." Our Mission President had seen the same sign and asked us what we thought it meant. The meaning of 'advent' has never crossed my mind- it means, the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event. I LOVE THAT. Many Advent Calendars lead up to Santa, but really, they should lead up to Christ. We are awaiting the arrival of our Savior's birth and ultimately, that's what everything about Christmas leads up to - HIM. 


xoxo sis b

pic 1: going to service
pic 2: we helped set up for a wedding reception so they asked me to make the sign (also we made baller centerpieces, call us ur next wedding planners?)
pic 3: tracting- this ENTIRE front door was a mirror lol what
pic 4: our GHETTO christmas tree
pic 5: wedding
pic 6: us in our 60 degree weather in december 


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