November 27, 2018


Sikeston, MO


Sister Dixon

2 stuffed turkeys

Okay, holidays on the mission ARE THE BEST THING EVER. Thanksgiving was hands down one of THE BEST days on my mission so far. Literally, just so much fun and so many blessings, wow. Sister Dixon and I woke up Thanksgiving morning and decided to say a 30 minute prayer solely thanking Heavenly Father. As I was saying my prayer I noticed that I was literally just teaching Heavenly Father the lessons in Preach My Gospel and in the back of my mind I just said, pretty sure the Lord already knows all of this. But I realized how much I truly LOVE this gospel and how much it really means to me. It was honestly so cool to see the difference in my day because of that prayer. We both just started off the day so happy and it felt SO GOOD. We got fed 2 dinners and we came home as ONE STUFFED TURKEY AS HECK. Not going to lie, one of the best thanksgiving dinners I've ever had in my life (sorry mom and dad, roast not intended, oops)

Things I'm grateful for this year:

-John Mayer- they say when you're away from something for a long time the more you miss it and wow, literally truest statement. 

-having the excuse, FINALLY, to listen to Christmas music year round since our music is so limited. Literally have been jamming to Christmas music since January 24th lol

-gas prices that are $1.77 in Sikeston and I say, this is the promised land.

-all of my companions. On the real, I KNOW a huge part of me serving a mission was to be surrounded by some of THE BEST people I have ever met.

-my cute fam, I already did a FB post for them so, copy and paste?

-obviously this gospel and I'm not just saying that bc I'm a missionary I MEAN IT.

-& of course, my Savior, Jesus Christ. I'm SO grateful for the Atonement because I would be struck down without it.

Something I learned on Thanksgiving:

Pumpkin puree actually has, PLOT TWIST, no pumpkin in it. It's just a bunch of random squash so I say, FAKE. still good tho

SIDE NOTE, here's a funny joke: "Why can't turkeys play sports?" "Because he'd get the stuffing knocked out of him" Oh yeah, a 5 year old ran up and gave me kiss on the cheek on Thursday and I said, "okay, are you trying to get me sent home?"

Also, if you can't tell by this email, I think I'm developing ADHD from my mission bc I CANNOT FOCUS TO SAVE MY LIFE and my brain is EVERYWHERE. I'm going to come back home as a whole new person, yikes.

SPIRITUAL THOUGHT- On Sunday Sister Dixon and I were asked to give talks in Sacrament Meeting. Sister Dixon talked about service and I talked about Light the World- which by the way, I'm SUCH A FAN OF. We talked a lot about how much love we have for people when we simply serve them. I know that Light the World is inspired and I know that if we are actively a part of it, it will make us emulate Christ's light more. I seriously invite each of you to get the missionaries into your homes to share this special message!! FOR REAL.

Moroni 7:47 "But charity is the pure love of Christ, and it endureth forever; and whoso is found possessed of it at the last day, it shall be well with him." Ultimately the gift of charity possesses us- we do not posses it. (I'm not that smart to come up with that on my own, I copied it from Elder Bednar) I love the thought that charity can literally take over us if we allow it to, and honestly we really, really should.

sis b

pic 1: post thanksgiving meal
pic 2: a fam had us over to make homemade gingerbread houses (ours is a temple, classic)
pic 3: happy holidays
pic 4: behind the scenes of FB pros
pic 5: my bffe sis alder
pic 7: when ur stranded in the boonies and only have McDank to study at


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