October 8, 2018


Columbia, MO


Sister Folkman

happy fallidays

Gotta say, watching 10 hours of General Conference was a party. I am so grateful for inspired leaders who help us better know what we need to do to stay on the covenant path. 

Last week we met a lady at a park that was interested in learning more about our church. We went over to her home and taught her and her husband and it was one of the most spiritual lessons I have had. Halfway through our conversation she stopped and said, "I can feel Jesus in this room." I literally live for the Spirit that is felt when we teach the message of the Restoration. During the Women's Broadcast, President Nelson invited us to finish the Book of Mormon by the end of the year. Sunday morning I started a new Book of Mormon (now I'm currently in the middle of 3 different ones- yikes lol) and read the Introduction, Witnesses, and Joseph Smith's testimony. I absolutely know this book to be true. I know that, just as the introduction says, the Book of Mormon brings us complete happiness and eternal life. I loved Elder Bowen's talk in Gen Conf all about the power that comes from reading the Book of Mormon. It's seriously one of the BEST ways to come closer to our Savior.

We had a lesson with our good friend Mike who lives in haunted Paquin Towers and let me tell ya, it was hard. Mike has the TOTAL desire to be baptized and join this church but he literally cannot commit. During the lesson Sister Folkman and I were throwing out all that we had- honestly, crazy inspired lesson, the spirit was SO good to us- and he still wouldn't say yes to being baptized. It was honestly so sad. It blows my mind how much complete, honest love you can have for a person when you see them the way that God does. I wanted the best for Mike and I felt a glimpse of the pain that Heavenly Father feels when we reject His perfect gospel.

SPIRITUAL THOUGHT- in-between the gen conf sessions yesterday at a members home, we got into this deep discussion about inadequacies & feeling like we are not enough. We talked about how we could be serving the Lord full time and doing all that we can, but constantly feel like we always have to do more. While we were talking we realized that we aren't enough, but Christ is enough. We may feel inadequate about a calling we have in the Church, or the responsibilities we have as a disciple of Christ, a missionary, a mom, a dad, a student - whatever it may be. But we realize that even though we may feel inadequate, God will work through us if we let Him. I can rely on Heavenly Father and submit to His will so that He can use me the way He needs to. It comes back to us being the vessel in the Lord's way.

I LOVED one of the main themes from General Conference- taking upon Christ's name. I know we do this as we study and live the Doctrine of Christ. I started a Book of Mormon a while ago solely on the Doctrine of Christ. I mark with different colors each time it talks about faith, repentance, baptism, the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end. Nearly every single page has something marked (the only one that doesn't is one page in the Isaiah part & that's bc I'm dumb) I feel like before my mission I would say, "I know that this gospel is true" without even fully realizing what the gospel actually is. The Doctrine, or Gospel, of Jesus Christ is EVERYWHERE. And I know it's the only Doctrine in this world that cannot be tossed.


sis beal

Pic 1: gen conf notes lol 
Pic 2: can't wear pj's for conference but we can wear socks 
Pic 3: we were doing service 
Pic 4: missouri university or monsters university ;) 
Pic 5: IT'S FALL 


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