September 11, 2018


Columbia, MO


STLs Lowe & Ward

it's been a hoot

This is a MOM ANNOUNCEMENT:) Sister Brynn Beal is turning 20 THIS Monday, the 17th!!! 
This is her physical address. No pressure - just letting you know. 4812 E Schooner Rd. Apt B - Columbia, MO 65201

Honestly, funnest week of my whole mission. I don't think I've consistently laughed so hard in my whole life and that's saying a lot because I laugh at almost everything. 

JOSE GOT BAPTIZED. Our church building takes 3 hours to fill the font but we were running super late, so we had 45 minutes to fill the whole thing, yikes. We were running back and forth from the kitchen to the font, filling every single pitcher we could find throughout the building. We barely had enough water by the time Jose's baptism started, straight up blessing.

We did some service for a girl that takes care of horses and it was THE BEST. We got to groom all of her horses and walk them around and it was so fun, I want to be a horse person now. It started to cool off major this week. We hit low 70's and it felt like it was freezing, I'm so not ready for the winter here. I low-key miss the 110° weather and super humid days, not even kidding. This week is getting back up into the 90's THANK HEAVENS.

Random things that happened this week:

-My Zone Leader and I somehow got on the topic of eating Doritos and Cottage Cheese, so we all ate it at District Council together and now we're best friends. (major thank you to aubrey nelson for showing me how DANG GOOD IT IS.)

-We were teaching these 2 SUPER attractive 23 year olds that attend Mizzou and one of them asked me a question so I was responding and I meant to say, "my favorite part" BUT ACCIDENTALLY SAID "MY FAVORITE FART" we cried for literally 2 days straight, it was the funniest thing.

-Sleeping on the floor isn't all that bad and I really don't want to go back to my creepy apartment SOS.

SPIRITUAL THOUGHT- "For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he." Proverbs 23:7 This totally makes me sound like a mom, but seriously, I've completely realized that everything is based off of our attitude. We literally make the choice as to how we are going to react to the situations we have been given. This isn't something I've just learned on my mission, but I've definitely seen the importance of it. I have seen stressful situations become a lot harder than they need to be because we were negative, but I've also seen stressful situations be some of the BEST times on my mission. (throw back to when I almost died multiple times in Pittsfield with Sister Alder, love it.) We have the capability and choice to make hard circumstances GOOD. 

Side note- I think that this verse goes so dang well with my BFF Rhy-dawg Schwenson ;') She is literally the happiest person I know, no matter what's going on and I literally believe that she's a living example of how we can apply this verse. When we're happy and positive we reflect Christ's light and make others around us even happier.

Okay sorry this is the fattest email of all time, bye.

over & out
Sister Beal


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