August 13, 2018


Columbia, MO


Sister England

who dis

Reasons why I love church in the CoMo Ward: 

1. We get free Panera bread after every Sunday- turns out you're supposed to give it to other people for ministering- oops 
2. They pass really yummy Panera bread for the Sacrament
3. Between my companion and I, we say the word Panera at least 12 times each Sunday 

Also, fun fact - Panera was started in St. Louis so they call it St. Louis Bread Co. 

I really don't have much of an update for this week, clearly lol. Sister England and I are killing it and doing dang good together! We meet with the Elders on Wednesday night's for Book of Mormon study and this week one of their investigators came up to shake our hands and read our name tags. He saw Sister England's and said, "Oh wow, okay. I'm from France so I guess I'm Brother France." And then he looked at my name tag and said, "Yeah no, you're going to be Sister Pakistan." So new name tag, who dis. 

SPIRITUAL THOUGHT- 2 Nephi 7:11 "Behold all ye that kindle fire, that compass yourselves about with sparks, walk in the light of your fire and in the sparks which ye have kindled. This shall ye have of mine hand—ye shall lie down in sorrow."

So this is the Isaiah part of 2 Nephi and all of this may be completely wrong, but this is what the spirit was teaching me lol. Also, I'm sorry it's long, but I felt like I needed to share it. 

We are constantly kindling our fire. In Matthew 5, we learn that we are the light of the World. We emulate that light, or in other words, compass ourself with sparks, each time we take a step closer to Christ. God expects us to kindle that fire for ourself. It is not enough for us to rely solely on anyone else's testimony & strength. Christ expects us to walk in the light of our own fire and our own personal sparks. 

So, here's the question/lesson found in this verse: How do we get from the stage of kindling our fire, to actually having sparks? 

In the following chapter we learn that we do this by hearkening unto God and trusting in Him. The minute we turn ourselves to Christ and trust in Him is the minute we receive joy and gladness. 

"Everylasting joy and holiness shall be upon their heads; and they shall obtain gladness and joy; sorrow and mourning shall flee away" (2 Nephi 8:11). 

We receive this HUGE promised blessing when we turn to Him, lay all other things aside & trust in Him. 

"The only thing that really matters is that you and I are doing exactly what we commited - even covenanted- premortally with our Heavenly Father we would do while we are here on Earth." -Sister Nelson

We do what we have covenanted to do. We trust in Him as we do it and we get those sparks that illuminate our fire. 

Signing out as your Sister Pakistan!

Pic 1: Mizzou's campus 
Pic 2: my cute STL
Pic 3 & 4: @ Zone Conf 


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