August 6, 2018


Columbia, MO


Sister England

locusts & creepers

As the people in Missouri would say, "How youins doing today?!" 

So pretty much my whole email last week was pointless because JOSÉ MOVED BACK. He told us that he just really feels like he needs to be here for some reason. Our District Leader was talking to us a couple of nights ago, telling us that he fully believes that José came back because we need to be the ones teaching him and helping him come closer to Christ. Honestly, biggest tender mercy of my whole life. WE WERE PSYCHED. 

There's this really tall apartment complex downtown (it pretty much feels like a super sketchy hospital on the inside) that we go to once a week to visit a couple of less actives. We walked onto the elevator to get up to the 15th floor.  A man held the door for us to let us on and this creepy guy followed in after us. The first stop was level 3 and the first guy gets off, leaving us with this creepy man in this really small elevator. Right as the first guy walked off I heard this voice literally so clear in my head tell me to get off of the elevator. I looked at the guy and told myself that it would be totally fine and just brushed it aside. But I heard the voice again telling me to get off. I looked over at him and was seriously hesitating to get off, I'm so dumb lol, but heard the voice a third time. So as the elevator door was halfway shut I grabbed my companion's arm and bailed us out of there. Seriously if I would have waited half another second it would have been way too late. Sister England just looked at me super confused and kinda surprised. I told her I had no idea why, but I knew that we needed to get off. We still have no idea why the Spirit so distinctly told us to get off, and I'm high-key, low-key insanely curious to know what would have happened but I honestly have never heard the Spirit speak to me so distinctively. It was actually really cool. (I probably just made my mom pee her pants but we're fine lol) 

SPIRITUAL THOUGHT- I don't even remember what I was studying, but I was reading about faith, meekness, and lowliness of the heart. Faith starts to become more apparent in our lives as we become meek and lowly in heart. When we repent daily it allows us to become more meek. It's interesting that the more we humble ourselves the more we repent, which leads us to have greater faith in Jesus Christ. 

"When you humbly trust Him and acknowledge His power and mercy, you can have the assurance that His commandments are for your good. You are confident that you can do whatever the Lord requires of you if you rely on Him" (Preach My Gospel).  

Have a blessed day! 

Sister Beal 

Pic 1: here's a random giant cow 
Pic 2: so this picture makes these bugs look so small but I PROMISE THEY'RE BIG AND NASTY. These are locusts and they shed their little nasty bodies outside our door every single day. I hate it. 


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