May 28, 2018


Pittsfield, IL


Sister Aubrey Alder

Satan comin in hot

This week was crazy to sum it all up. We actually had to get evacuated from our area but all in all we're safe and hanging out in Springfield for the next couple of day which I'm stoked about because I literally love Springfield. God truly does protect and watch over His missionaries and that's all I have to say about that haha. 

The investigator we met last week, Frank is still doing SO GOOD and is prepared as heck. It honestly blows our mind. He's 70 years old and we were talking about the Plan of Salvation with him but then we somehow got into the Word of Wisdom. He was telling us that he has drank 2 cups of coffee every single morning his entire life. After we told him we don't drink coffee he just said, "okay I'll quit and never drink any again." I seriously was like, shoot, okay. We're super excited for him and he should be getting baptized later in June! 

This week we finally hit our missions Standard of Excellence with our key indicators. I seriously think that God knew about all of the insane stuff we were going to encounter this week so he decided to give us some love by helping us reach our goals. Last week we had 9 people at church, including us- but this week we had 21!! So count your blessings, we were so hyped. But, by third hour there were only 7 of us left so not sure where everyone went, but it's fine. 

Sister Alder and I were talking earlier this week about how much went down and she said, "Satan keeps throwing trials at us but we just think it's hilarious." I'm so glad to have a companion who can make really hard situations really funny so that it's a heck of a lot easier to handle. 

SPIRITUAL THOUGHT- Jacob 4:11 "Be reconciled unto him through the Atonement of Christ." Reconciled means to make one thing compatible with another. We can become compatible with Jesus Christ and attain a perfect knowledge of Him through the Atonement. 

I feel like so many of us think that the Atonement is only used for repentance and that repenting is only used to wipe away our sins. But it's not at all! Repentance means turning your heart and will towards God. Repentance isn't about turning away from sin, it's about turning towards Christ.

Love you all. Thanks for the love, support, and prayers. 

Xoxo, Sister Beal 


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