April 16, 2018


Pittsfield, IL


Sister Ashley Morgan


So I haven't even talked about Nancy, but I love her so much. She's literally our mom here and is always making sure we're safe and staying healthy haha. Nancy is an eternigator (investigator who takes the missionary lessons forever) so she's had the lessons for a year now. She's been trying to get life straightened out. But on Friday night she finally decided to meet with our Branch President to sort things out with him. Sister Morgan and I decided to sit in on the meeting and when it started she looked over at us and said, "girls, I'm ready to be baptized." So we pulled out our phones to find a date and I just looked at her and said, "what about Sunday?" AND SHE SAID "LET'S DO IT." SO WE GOT HER ON DATE FRIDAY AND SHE GOT BAPTIZED ON SUNDAY. IT WAS THE MOST SPONTANEOUS, BEST THING EVER. This is actually so cool for me too because Nancy was the very first person I met in Pittsfield and now she's my first baptism!! I LOVE HER. We had exchanges in Springfield earlier this week which are always so much fun. Sister Christensen and I went to an apartment complex to pass out flyers about a family history event. We went up to this one door that Sister Christensen wanted to knock. Everyone here has screen doors so I'm super used to opening up the screen door so I can actually knock on the door, right? So I open the screen door to knock on the actual door and the door was completely open so I'm literally standing inside of their home lolol. Super uncomfortable, but no one from inside saw me so we skirted out of there so fast. We went to go visit a less active member who we normally see every week, so we just texted her and asked her if we could come over. We got a text back, literally from her, telling us that she really wanted and needed us to come over. So we went over to her house and she told us that she really needed us there so she could talk to us. At the end of our visit she mentioned something about how we had just randomly showed up. She told us that she hadn't checked her phone for 2 days because she had just been busy. We were kinda confused but just let it be until we left. When we were walking back home I checked our texts between her to see what she was talking about and SHE HAD NEVER TEXTED US BACK. Literally the Holy Ghost straight up sent us a text message. We saw the Lord's hand A LOT this week. It has been so good. Weather update lol- it got up to the 80's this week which felt SO good. But then it totally dropped and it's been crazy humid this week so today is absolutely freezing. The only heater in our apartment is in the bathroom so that's where I'm going to be spending the majority of my day lol. We always do comp study on the bathroom floor because it's the only warm place. It's the best. 

SPIRITUAL THOUGHT- I read this at the very beginning of the week and it was such a blessing because I saw these versus seriously take place in my life everyday this past week. Mosiah 23:21 Nevertheless the Lord seeth fit to chasten his people; yea, he trieth their patience and their faith. 22 Nevertheless—whosoever putteth his trust in him the same shall be lifted up at the last day.The Lord shows His tender mercies after He tries our patience and our faith. I have THE BIGGEST testimony on this. Last week was the absolute most discouraging week ever and the Lord tried our patience and our faith BIG TIME, seriously. But because Sister Morgan and I continued to work hard everyday and do the things we were supposed to, the Lord blessed us for it in so many ways. Nancy's baptism especially. The church is so true. 

that's pretty much it for the Pitts
xoxo, Sister Beal 

Pic 2: exchanges with Sister Christensen
Pic 3: Mormontown!! (It's literally an empty field- but hey, still cool)
Pic 4: going to do service for an investigator that's not really an investigator lol it's a weird situation (her name is Jennifer and she's my favorite person of all time. Her 3 boys are taking the lessons but she's not)  
Pic 5: hunting season as heck. This deer head was just hanging out right outside Jennifer's house, classic


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