February 1, 2018


Provo MTC


Sister Gillies

MTC Week 1

I am seriously LOVING it here in the MTC. I never realized or understood how much FUN it is to be a missionary. The days here are like 74 hours, I swear. But we’re learning so much and my teachers are SO good. It's kind of like seminary and mission prep to a whole new level. I seriously love my district and we all have such a good time together. We meet up as a district all of the time and we all get along super well. They’re literally the best. We’ve all gotten super close which makes it so good. And the Elders are probably the funniest people I’ve ever met. I just really really really like it here.

The MTC is on total no touch policy because some sister down the hall in our residence got HEPATITIS last week. So that’s just totally awesome. (Don’t worry mom, I wash my hands like 43 times a day) We’re all doing good and staying healthy though which is a blessing and a half.

My cute companion and I were asked to be the Sister Training Leaders over our zone last Thursday so we’ve been busy with that. It’s so much fun and I love being able to meet all of the new missionaries each week!

SPIRITUAL THOUGHT- “Never lose sight of the magnificent blessings He is showering on you. Look up and look out and see the blessings.”

We have the NEATEST blessings from being members of this church! Recognize the blessings you have now and seriously just soak in all that God has given you.

ALSO- we’ve been teaching our TRC’s (investigators here at the MTC) the Plan of Salvation and one thing that has really stuck out to me is that we have all already chosen God before in the pre-earth life. That is how we are here on this earth, so we need to CHOOSE HIM AGAIN. Choose to follow Him, choose to follow this gospel, choose to keep the commandments.

LOVE YOU ALL & have a dang good week
Sister Beal

(the murals here are THE BEST PART of the MTC so here's one of them lol)


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